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    Importing into MotionX-GPS IOS App difficulty

    Hi All - I am having difficulty importing GPX files into MotionX an ios app I use to record tracks. I am able to import but during the import it say track imported but no usable data was obtained. Has anyone else had this issue and if so, how did you solve it? Kind Thanks.
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    2010 Jeep Wrangler Larger Fuel Tank

    Hi all - im looking to upgrade the fuel tank on my wrangler - at the moment i can only find additional tanks (48ltr). Is anyone aware of a large tank that would replace the original with a much larger capacity tank? thanks
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    Wireless reversing cameras for Tablets/Smart phones

    anyone aware of cheap reversing camera's that will link to iphone/ipad?
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    iPad map solution...HEMA, MudMap2 or Memory-Map?

    Loving the hema map, ipad mini with external gps reciever
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    Wrangler Supercharger?

    Hi All - I'm considering supercharging a 2010 Wrangler 3.8L Petrol. I understand the most common are RIPP and Sprintex - does anyone have any experience with these and relative pros/cons? Cheers
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    WA - Alkimos Wreck 4WD track

    Up marmion to Jindalee Boulevard, turn right at final roundabout and follow tracks onto beach. Beach driving will take you to the wreck