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    Found some bloody rust!!!!

    lol if my car was leakin brake/clutch fluid i would sure be worrying. oil, as in engine oil, which actually protects metal from rust. usually found leaking from about the oil filter area then all over everythin else because people dont bother buyin the right gadget for the job
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    Japan Earthquake/Tsunami pics

    lol after the initial shock and hard feelings towards them for whats happened, couldnt help but think to myself well maybe karma does exist... or maybe there is a whale god? o.O
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    Japan Earthquake/Tsunami pics

    xD i heard every1 in tokyo is freakin out right now cos the radiation is currently blowing south/east towards them
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    Toyota Hi-lux Extra cab SR5 08/2008

    for real. topic (21-09-2008). necromancers please look b4 post
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    Japan Earthquake/Tsunami pics

    yeah only 6 billion of us left..
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    Quality V's Price

    with that remark its obvious your just afraid of what you dont understand capitalism in its purest form is brutal, you can throw all ethics out the window, its a step away from dictatorship where all the riches go to the top.. and thats the facts of it
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    Massive Japanese quake

    theres been whole villages wiped out... the rescue people rock up to find the whole town in the form of bodys... they simply arent game yet to enter some areas. the main concern for all of us at this stage should be the hope of avoiding 5 nuclear facilities melting down entirely.... send the...
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    Isuzu (Re-badged as Holden) Rodeo '93

    too right, typical isuzu are stock low set. btw do d-max use torsion suspension? i havent even had the privilege of seeing one around my area to b able to check that out - the only new cars i see are toy's- bloody toyota country :rolleyes:
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    Quality V's Price

    yeah if human nature wasnt totally corruptable by money and greed (capitalism - lowest comon demoninator), communism would actually work flawlessly and we wouldnt be having this discussion.... but we are told just shut up, take it and keep with the status-quo.... and most of us listen and...
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    Absolute 4WD newbie

    welcome to the forums m@
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    Never ending story-March 2011 three words per post

    after driving through
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    New Guy!

    G'day and welcome, hell i just joined here myself :cool:
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    G'day from the outskirts of civilisation

    aye so i can wind the torsion bars all the way up, even rotate at their sockets for even greater lift if necessary.. its sort of a balance between comfort and handling i guess. i raise and lower all the time it all depends on the condition of the track since it gets wash-outs and occasionally we...
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    G'day from the outskirts of civilisation

    cheers guys, these forums are cozy n is rare these days i reckon hmm deep water? i actually live on the edge of the tamban state forest kinda near kempsey, u know slim dusty town they call it nowdays :rolleyes: lol they named the road out of town (the armidale road) "the slim dusty way" for...