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    Help Required re 80 series Fuel Injector Pump/Taco Problem

    Apologies if this is not in the correct area - please move if required. I have an 80 Series L/C which has at some stage prior to me purchasing it, had the fuel injector pump replaced. The problem is that although the FIP works, it is off a model (unknown) which did not have a taco (I believe...
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    Cooloola Coast Beach Conditions

    G'day all, Just wanting to know if anybody has done a run up to Double Island from Noosa in the last week or so. Thinking about going up this weekend (weather permitting) and wanted to know how the beach has faired from the last couple of weeks rain/storms etc. Regards
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    Hi all

    Thanks to all that have welcomed me. Hope to post some pictures of the rig soon. Normally go up to Bribie (surf side) for day trips and up the Double Island Point camping once a month so if you see me don't hesitate to say gday. Cheers
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    Dual Gauge pillar pods - 80 Series L/C

    Thanks - I see they do make them for L/C but not the 80 Series, from installing yours do you think it would be possible to modify, and also did you have to drill into the pillar or did you have existing holes there to begin with.
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    Hi all

    Just joined and posted a query so I thought I should introduce myself. Living in sunny Brissie (well not sunny at the moment). I am renovating a 80 Landcruiser. So far I have fitted (in no particular order) IPF lights, electronic and underbody rustproofing, GME UHF, Dual Battery system and power...
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    Dual Gauge pillar pods - 80 Series L/C

    Hi a newbie member, appologies if this is not in the right place. I was wondering if anybody can help me. I am trying to source a dual pillar pod for my 1990 80 Series Landcruiser. I will be fitting a Denco Turbo in the near future and will be installing a Autometer Digital Boost Pressure gauge...