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    ARB fridge freezer

    How bad do they drain your battery when the wehicle isn't running?
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    National Fuel prices

    Thanks for that, good link.
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    giant caterpillar found in bedroom

    That was a crack up.... Pun intended
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    Sundown Np

    Hey Aza, Did you make it out to sundown?? If not, my wife and I (both 23) are keen to head out there one weekend aswell, but have been hesidant because they recomended going with another 4x4 incase. We have a 2000 jackaroo with 2inch lift and AT Tyres. Send us a PM if intrested. Cheers Dan...
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    What tent do you use?

    Got a Black Wolf Turbo 300, set up in 30 sec and pack down in sixty. Can stand up in it, has room for queen bed, tv and everything else you shouldn't take camping. Best $1100 ever spent.