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    Help Download track file (gdb) in win 7

    Thabnks Billolga Checked that and content advisior wasnt activated, Have downloaded the latest updates still no success thing of going to IE9 and see if that will allow me, I can download the file useing Firefox, so I assume its something to do with IE
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    Help Download track file (gdb) in win 7

    Thanks Some one may have the answer, I have just tried clearing everything in IE8 and have ran IE8 with all addins disabled, still get the web page in the form above but dont get any option to save the file. Will keep trying and looking
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    Help Download track file (gdb) in win 7

    Help Thnks When I click download track Internet explorer 8 goes to a new page where I get the drop down menu for the the various file formats. I select the Garmin Mapsource file gdb and than click download explorer 8 than goes to a new web page and it shows the following (but I cannot get...
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    Help Download track file (gdb) in win 7

    Hi Hope some one can help me, The problem I have encounter is that I have changed computers and upgraded to win 7 When I try to download a track file to a Garmin gdb file it just goes to a new page with all the coordinates rather than giving me the option of saving the file so I can...
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    Tracks for the long weekend

    How did you go Did you find any and how was the rain
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    new member

    welcome I am sure there are plenty of 4x4 drivers in the Hunter
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    garmin nuvi 265w

    :oI use shonky on a 760.Not familiar with the265 but with the 760 I have shonky on a sd car and plug it in when I go off road. That way I don’t have to keep changing the setup. You will need mapsource if you are doing any planning on the computer and to communicate with the GPS to transfer...
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    What a Site

    :)Hi and welcome
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    This site will get me into trouble with the missus!

    :DWelcome to 4x4 Earth and hope you enjoy it, You never know it may even get out of trouble by getting you out of her way, only thing is you will have to make sure all the jobs are done………..on the other hand you could take her with you……….. anyway have fun
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    Hey guys,This site is unreal!!!

    :DWelcome to the site hope you enjoy it.
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    any other tracks?

    Welcome to the site hope you enjoy it, Can’t help you with tracks around Campbelltown but have a look at the track sit you may find some there
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    Tracks for the long weekend

    Sorry haven’t got a track for you and its been a few years since I was down that way. You shouldn't have any problems finding a few tracks in the Barmah State forest, or Millewa State forest Last time I was there, there were plenty along and of the river You should have some fun
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    Howdy , great site.

    Hi and welcome, you will enjoy your new car and can have a lot of fun with it
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    Hi from a 4x4 Newbi

    Welcome, enjoy the site and have some fun
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    Another newbie

    Hi and welcome to the site once you make the switch you will have fun, Enjoy the site
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    Hello from Switzerland!!!

    Hi and welcome, I am sure when you get to this great land you will find plenty of tracks to drive andmeet a lot of interesting 4x4 drivers who would be happy to show you around. Just let us know
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    G'day Guys, A new Dingo with ya

    G'day Dingo Welcome and I hope you enjoy the site
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    Nuvi 760

    My copy of mapsource came wih the updated maps.
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    Nuvi 760

    You will have to install a copy of mapsource on your computer (Should have come with the GPS) if not get in touch with Garmin Once you have installed mapsource on your computer you can download the file from 4x4 earth Start mapsource open the file Use mapsource to transfer it to the...