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    interstate move

    5 months ago we moved from Darwin to Melbourne and havent had the chance to explore much yet. Could someone suggest any places within a couple of hours drive from Melb. please, for camping, fishing, hunting and 4x4ing. Thanks
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    No More Butane Gas Can Explosions

    I will be taking all my gasmate ones back to Bunnings for a refund.
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    Lake Eyre

    thanks Les and Alby will take another look at the map and our plan.
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    Lake Eyre

    Will definitely be going into William Creek and long depends on how many people are in the area. Our party at the moment will consist of 7 adults and 3 children under 5. May go into the private camp ground. Depends on where we meet up with the crew coming up from Melbourne as to...
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    Lake Eyre

    Planning a trip to Lake Eyre next year. We will be leaving from Darwin and going down the centre to meet up with family. Has any one been to Lake Eyre and what tips can you give us. Planning on a month away as we want to stop at Uluru on the way back. Maybe.
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    How pathetic is this.... this is the link for the original photo that started this thread. scroll through and you will find it.
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    How pathetic is this.... I hope this works. ( my cutting and pasting) Found this on face book awhile ago.
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    disgusted with rubbish left behind in high country!

    we need a like button for some of these post!!
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    LED FOG LIGHTS-need help wiring up????

    LED lights we have a GQ patrol
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    LED FOG LIGHTS-need help wiring up????

    LED lights we also bought a set of LED lights and would like to fix them to the roofrack but have no idea on how to run the wiring. Any suggestions would be great
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    northern territory

    hi everyone, we have just moved to Darwin ( 2 weeks ago) and I am wondering if we have any members from the territory who can give me some tips on the best places to visit, away from the usual tourist crowds.
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    Nissan GQ patrol

    need help please. I have a nissan GQ and a cargo barrier. Does anyone have a GQ with a barrier fitted that can post some photos so I can see HOW they go in please??:
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    High mount - Low mount

    Could some one please tell me what the difference is between a high mount winch and a low mount winch and which should I buy to suit a GQ patrol with a 2" lift????
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    FIGJAM =F#%* Iam Good Just Ask Me
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    Beach camp - South Coast NSW

    Bugger! I didnt realise how much I miss Congo. Swam there almost every weekend in summer when we were kids. Gotta go back one day.
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    What Does YOUR Display Name Mean?

    Belliesheraz first name Belinda morphed into Bellie and the sheraz because that is what I drink
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    Call me what you like !!!

    Please excuse my laughter Waz, I thought doing a water pump and a radiator on our trip was enough. Have you learned to listen to Sally yet?? No probably not. Hope the rest of the trip is drama free
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    How Australian Are You ?

    and when you talk about the "billy lids" or "tin lids" you know it has nothing to do with billys or tins
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    GPS Advice

    Vms I will not be purchasing anything from VMS EVER AGAIN! on our recent trip the screen on our VMS500 shattered so I filled in a Warranty Request for Return Authorisation Form from the VMS website ( on this form you have to explain the problem and how it occurred) . They then contacted me...
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    weekend at the Springs 4WD park

    please tell me where this place is ....... I have to go there !