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    Toyota training videos, still a lot that applies today

    What bout the mav it's the best
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    Grumpiz da man

    Fanks Mr Grumpi for my new pictar
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    Happy Birthday Gunna!

    happy birthday gunna
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    Is it time to change my Avatar pic

    hhow can i get a nice one like Grumpi has.
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    7th Annual Victorian Gathering O'Tooles 2014

    Great to meet all yous had a ball. Felt I got a lot closer to the SA peeps and my new BFF grumpi or ian See yas
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    7th Annual Victorian Gathering - O'Tooles

    Ok Im ready to catch up with everone tomoz Im going in with ian and lookin forward ti sein cookie and luxez and my frend grumpi See yas
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    76 Auto Conversion

    Ifink i had i rong the s.a crew are nice but you are nasti
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    76 Auto Conversion

    very nice Grumpi now you shood put it on gas so it is the best it can be.
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    SA Convoy to Vic meet

    I met the luxes today when the dropped in to say hi and sorry for neing do rude so I want to see you all next saturday now Seeyas
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    7th Annual Victorian Gathering - O'Tooles

    Oh almost forgot see yas all next saturday ehen I get there with ian mum got me some credit for my phone but I updated my apps so now out of credit again see yas next week
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    7th Annual Victorian Gathering - O'Tooles

    Wow cant beleeve it the luxes came and visted me today to say sorry for how bad they gave been treetin me that trish is really hot
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    NSW to O'Tooles - Final Details.

    Well see you nsw peeps next saturday when I cum in with ian See yas
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    7th Annual Victorian Gathering - O'Tooles

    I dont get it eouldnt it be easier to put up the nmbrs
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    Birthday Wishes

    Happy bday to sa member Lowlux. Now I have been nice you have to be nice to me
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    why r sa peoples so rude

    especially lowlux and cookie there is no reason for it stay in your own state and stay out of vic im going to get very angry at otooles if I see you and also going to get angry at bek and travlr as well See yas Splug 92
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    Little O'Tooles and Merringtons

    grumpi I have gotmums phone for a while and ian an I will come into to help. bek is very rude he yelled at me and called me a bad name just because I dint cum last time its not as if he was doing anything just waiting in Pakanam and travler is also rude he gave me bad directions and I...
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    No fuel in Rawson

    can you bring some gas for me to grumpi
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    Scan gauge 2

    can you get these for a mav I want ot check my gas temp
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    Unlock Australia at Neerim, Victoria, 26 October 2014

    That Roothy is the best I have watched his videos and want to drive like him it great how his does these really tought muddy tracks. I am going to vote for him this election my first time but his is not in my area how do find out when he his coming to melton south so I can vote for him
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    Little O'Tooles and Merringtons

    looking forward to this grumpi will I be allowed to use the power tools jok is bringing me in and he reckons there is plenty of room for my mav off the road in your front yard. see you around 2 or 3