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    Free Garmin Topo maps

    JA are doing deals at the moment when you buy a hand held GPS unit they throw in free garmin topo maps check it out here Free Garmin Topo Australia and New Zealand
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    KM2's cracking between tread blocks after 35,000kms

    I'm pretty sure tyres have a statutory warranty of 5 years from purchase date (I know this to be the case with my local tyre place ) , would be having a chat to the retailer, if no luck might be worthwhile contacting the Tyre and Rim association.
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    Short cut from Katoomba - Jenolan Caves

    Looking at Tracks4Aus there is a track about 2-3 kms west of Katoomba along the highway (looks like it is called Nellies Glen ) which heads down to Euroka which then crosses the Cox's River and heads to Black Range which then takes you to the Jenolan Caves Rd. Doable ? no idea but it is on the map.
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    best place to get maps

    Cartographics in Adelaide might have a copy (ring rather than internet), next best thing for Vic are Spatial Vision maps for Oziexploer
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    best place to get maps

    haven't used androzic but think it's a thinly disguised copy of oziexplorer , that being the case there should be a folder in there called 'maps' just drop them in there i would guess.
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    best place to get maps

    Bill Do you know how old those maps are?
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    V8 cruiser oil filter

    You can get a tool known as a nylon strap oil filter removal tool, it works with the use of your half inch socket, this is the only removal tool that has never let me down. about $20 from repco supercheap etc
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    Fruit and Vegie Restrictions when Travelling

    just needed that one more post before i could enter links so here it is
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    Fruit and Vegie Restrictions when Travelling

    and here is a good map of the area sa/vic/nsw
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    Bendleby Ranges

    Isn't the Bendelby Ranges on private property, help should be at hand if you need it. Also should be plenty of others up that way so I don't think you'll have any issues.
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    Help with Solar Setup Info

    you'll find a lot of info at the 'green' section of the whirlpool forums
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    easy to use and capable gps

    looking for similar myself, best choices probably garmin and magellan outdoor handhelds, have a look though the gpsoz site, they have them all, some come with extra 'adventure packs'