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    Directions To Archer Creek Camping Area Mt Mee From Brissy??

    I'm obviously a bit late for this ... but here goes ... Take Neurum Rd from just after Woodford, or near Kilcoy, then turn left or right (depending on which direction you are going) into Stanton Rd, then right into Rassmussen Rd. All these are signed for Neurum Creek Bush Retreat I think. Go...
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    Drawers, Cargo barrier and Child seats

    I had an R50 pathy. The child restrain anchors are indeed in the bottom of the cargo area - and quite a few inches from the back of the rear seats. I made a basic shelf thing about 250mm high that covered the cargo area with holes for the child seat straps. I don't know what the commercial...
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    garmin e-trex venture hc

    I had a legend Cx which was very similar to the venture hc except the venture has better satellite pickup. The venture hc doesn't have an SD card slot - which might prove to be a problem if you want large maps (like topo maps) on there. Other than that it is a good unit. No city navigator...
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    Cooloola Coast Beach Conditions

    Check some of the other forums - pretty sure I read a recent trip report somewhere (overlander I think). I believe there is plenty of beach and conditions are pretty good.
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    Toyota 100 series TD Auto 2006

    Do you mean washing it or avoiding/getting rid of scratches? Washing it is easy enough - just need to be careful to make sure there's no grit in the sponge or there'll be swirls on the paintwork. Also I make sure it gets a good quality wax every 6 months or so. Probably overkill but I figure...
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    salesman or buyer? well I did spot something for sale which prompted me to join up - but it looks like an interesting forum. A fair bit of competition with other similar forums out there though.
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    Straddie Camp Spots?

    This thread is getting a bit old - but I can vouch for Main beach area. Great spots and heaps of space to choose from. Dunno much about Flinders but I expect it is nice too - but maybe busier. Flinders is definitely close to amenities but that can be good and bad depending on what you want.
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    Toyota 100 series TD Auto 2006

    Toyota 100 series TD Auto, 2006 Good Points Big, plenty of space for family and all the camping gear Comfortable Economical Should be reliable I guess Effortless to drive with the TD and the auto Bad Points Expensive to buy Expensive to service Black - the deal on this one...
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    toyota 120 prado 2005

    Nice prado there.
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    Toyota Landcruiser 76 Series GXL Wagon V8 Diesel 2008

    Excellent setup. I wish the 76 series wagons were a touch larger though.
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    GU or 100ser???

    105 cruiser will be similar to the GU offroad. 100 series IFS cruiser, especially the TD, will easily beat the GU for comfort, performance and economy in more general touring and driving around town. 100 series has higher towing capacity if that's needed. I'd say the 100 IFS is just as...
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    Prado v Pajero

    Try to get the D4D Prado if you're going that way. Huge difference in performance and economy compared to the previous diesel. I think they started the D4D in 2006 sometime. My vote would certainly be the prado if you can afford it.
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    Just a quick hello. I'm in Brisbane and enjoy going to all the sand islands and beaches. Not much offroading apart from the beach yet but I'm working on it. I have a 100 series TD.
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    Space Case for sale

    I'll give you $170 for it. I'm in Brisbane - can pick it up. (I can't PM yet - not enough posts as I just joined)