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    Easter / ANZAC Long Weekend

    Elliston is a great place for fishing. Do you have a boat? My son has a fairly big aluminium boat which would be ideal, I'm sure I can borrow it for the weekend. I have a boat licence but not much experience fishing, lol! He works shift work, but if he's off over Easter, he might be interested...
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    Easter / ANZAC Long Weekend

    I would be looking at bush / beach camping, so no bookings would be necessary. eg: Lincoln National Park, Coffin Bay National Park or just a secluded beach somewhere.
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    Easter / ANZAC Long Weekend

    Hi there, my fellow SA 4WD enthusiasts. Has anyone got any great treks planned for the Easter/ANZAC long weekend, Fri April 22 to Tue April 26? Looking at Eyre Peninsula / West Coast or Yorke Peninsula. I'm keen to tag along, or if need be, I can try to organise a trip. I'm keen to meet and...
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    Lake Eyre Easter 2010

    I'm considering going up to Arkaroola after Easter, during the April SA school holidays. I plan to travel from Whyalla to Hawker, then up to Blinman, maybe camp at Chambers Gorge on the first night. Then onto Arkaroola, camping here for a few days, then return via Leigh Creek. No plans from...
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    Arkaroola (Northern Flinders) August 2010

    Yea, I saw on a website somewhere that it's green atm. I think I might head up during the April school holidays for a few days to take a look. Last time I saw it green was early 2000's, it was magnificent, rolling green hills looked like we were driving through Europe rather than Australia!
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    Some Bad News

    Hey Kiwijaz, I went through the same thing with my Dad in 1995. I recommend you try to get down to Tassie and see him ASAP and as often as possible. Even if you don't know what to say, like me, just being there for him, he will know and appreciate and you will never regret spending that time. It...
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    Arkaroola (Northern Flinders) August 2010

    Bendleby Ranges Just checking their website, looks good. Welcome to Bendleby Ranges
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    Arkaroola (Northern Flinders) August 2010

    Soulseeker - If you are able to join us we can meet up either at Bendleby's, Hawker or Blinman depending again on the time off you can get. Itinery looks good. Hopefully I can meet you at Bendleby Ranges, if not, either catch up at Hawker on the day you are passing through or else at Blinman...
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    How much training was involved?
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    Arkaroola (Northern Flinders) August 2010

    I'm a maybe. Depends if I'm working or not at that time. I've been to Flinders Rangers/Wipena/Rawnsley Park heaps but never quite got up to Arkaroola, so would be good to check it out.
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    Yamaha GP1200R Jetski 2004 Model Fully Rebuilt Engine Only Done 3 Hrs

    I'm curious as to what happened? How did they kill it?
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    Yamaha Waverunner VX Cruiser

    2007 Yamaha Waverunner 3 seater, 110 HP in immaculate condition, only 36 hrs. $13,000. Genuine reason for selling. Ph: 0405 463 458 Located in Whyalla, South Australia
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    Book with 4x4 trails in Adelaide

    Its available from the RAA and if you are a member you get a discount, so it's cheaper than newsagent. Other good ones in the series are WalkSA and BikeSA
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    I am so Sad

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    Electronics in the Outback

    Laptop Data Backup What does everyone else do, I was thinking maybe an external hard drive to back up the important stuff, or maybe DVD's? Don't bother with burning to DVD. Buy a portable Hard Drive. Harvey Norman have Western Digital (WD) 320 GB for $97. It's a good brand, plugs into USB...
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    Blinman Camp Oven Comp

    Hey all you SA members. Why don't you join me in this weekend adventure? Welcome Page
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    gq stuff

    GQ bits Can you plz provide pics, I'm interested in rear bar, but never heard of "cheezy style"?
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    HELP...... Laptop/GPS which way to go

    Route corrections
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    Tracks list for day trips! will update regularly!

    Ngarkat NP This looks a good area to explore for a weekend trip, camping Sat night. Info at website: Southern Mallee District Council - Ngarkat Conservation Park with an excellent free guide 'Tracks of the Mallee' Brochure (pdf) you can download
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    Quit Smoking Using Champix

    Hey Yobbo, I understand it's tough, my mate, Lawrie used to say it was easy giving up smoking...he has done it hundreds of times! But eventually he did, I never thought he would, so hang in there.