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    Oil & Coolant Leaks - Product Review

    I have heard of these quick fix additives and along with all other alleged quick fix miracle additives I don't trust them nor would I use or recommend them for any form of longevity or reliability . The only way to fix an oil leak is replace offending part or gasket. As the only way to...
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    radiator flush

    How I would do it - turn heater dial on inside - drop bottom radiator hose remove top hose -remove thermostat . With tap on reverse flush the engine block to remove any rusty crud ( no use having a nice clean radiator when the block is half full of crud ) Run the water from the bottom until...
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    new rotors

    Slotted and dimpled rotors in mud - Nothing wrong with them -we have been running them for years on 2 of our 4x4s one has slotted and dimpled rotors with QFM pads anyone who has driven the work ute will be aware of how efficient the brakes are . The other has slotted rotors with RDA pads -...
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    Gor Update

    Just An Update On What Is Happening At Gor Of Present Before Any Ill Educated Rumors Apperar . We Are Currently In The Process Of Relocating Gor To A Somewhat More Central Location For Many Customers ( And A More Water Proof Workshop Also ) Iam Hoping To Have The Phone...
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    Prado Vs Patrol

    For general touring and 4 wheel driving a Prado will be fine . And more comfy to drive than a patrol -easier to park easier to manoeuvre in the bush also and Prados have standard 180lt fuel capacity . Patrol has more room and live axle and are strong as nails ,but in saying that for...
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    Exhaust/chip upgrade in Melb

    Hi Kevin of late I have seen a few injector issues with the CRD patrols ,problems being anything from poor quality fuel thru to just problematic injectors same problem Hilux's and some prados have suffered in the past . This makes me think twice on installing any chips that may up fuel...
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas -safe Travels And Happy New Year . And Thankyou For All The Continued Loyal Support Merry Christmas Matt
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    Help or advice from those that know to one who does not

    Iam a bit of a Triton fan myself - we have an ML triton - keep it simple and reliable and you will be surprised where it will go and how easy it will do it . ATM only have a 30 mm lift soon to be replaced ( more like tampered with ) . new EFS heavy duty suspension giving approx. 35 -40 mm...
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    Can't replace brake pads on GQ front end right

    common problem - on the bottom calliper bolt there's a rubber bush that with age does exactly what you have encountered . this is caused by people replacing brake pads without taking that extra bit longer removing the slides /pins degreasing and running over the wire buff and recoating with...
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    Bullbar incorrectly fitted

    Gday Ben - looking at the pics - sagged suspension and big tyres will do that . The bull bar was the correct one for that vehicle ? By the pics there's no allowable clearance for full lock if this makes sense . suspension should fix that problem maybe next size down on tyres wont know till...
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    Boot seat in XJ jeep

    Hi tom for all mods such as that I would consult an engineer before hand - A good engineer will give you all the legal guidelines and relevant info .
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    Thankyou For The Support

    Gippsland Offroad has been operating for 4yrs today in Officer . I would like to say a HUGE THANKS to our ever so loyal customers who at times quotes and jobs have taken a bit longer than should but have been understanding and who continue to support what we do . I would also like to thank...
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    Adapter bracket for lightbar????

    Hi we are to get aluminium billet brackets specifically for mounting of LED bars direct to bull bars $125 a pair . just need to know diameter of top hoop
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    Help me decide which snorkel

    Safari snorkels are the best fitting ( except on JK wranglers )and have the best fitting kits always have . still Aussie made also For legal reasons ( being I don't want to get my arse sued ) I can not show pics of another leading brand snorkel on a triton with porosity holes forming ) its...
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    Body lift vs suspension lift

    to do a body lift in a 4x4 varies from one make to another - just have a look at all the hoses and pipes that run along the fire wall ( body ) and then down onto the chassis -then the fuel filler neck some of the Gas lines are a fixed steel line - next is the clutch slave cylinder hose from body...
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    Swivel Hubs

    sounds about right price wise and to do the job properly I would allow upto 8hrs to dismantle both sides -clean all the parts -inspect for worn parts -refit new parts repack associated parts and rebuild front end and wheelbearing repack . Death wobbles could be anything from loose wheel...
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    Dual Battery colorado

    I own a business yes i specilaise in 4x4s yes . But dont recall saying heres my price come on in and ill fit it for you . I can take my business details down if this suits you sir muc truck . Before again accusing me of just wishing to take evryones money I would suggest you maybe find some...
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    Dual Battery colorado

    so if i was to set up a 4x4 for long distance toruing - running 2 60 litre fridges one as freezer and one as a fridge -2 camp lighst at nite -an on board shower unit and at nite i may wish to listen to some tunes . It has a variable rate alternator i run one wet cell battery and 2 optimas ...
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    Dual Battery colorado

    serious -a guy asked a question I posted some info up which I hope gives an insight into why some of the isolators are more expensive these days . I did state about missinformation from forums yes and how we see it alot and how costly it is to rectify . But I would like to put to you is...
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    Valencia creek Avon wilderness

    one my favourite trips up that way sort of anyway was leave home up marathon rd to the end right onto moroka rd and head to the pinnacles lookout . Back track to moroka hut then go up mt wellington track to millers hut > you could continue onto the sentiles and look out over lake talikarn or...