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    The Dowling Track, SW Qld

    Kilcowera Station Well you could check out the website! Kilcowera-Station South West Queensland or Kilcowera Station | Facebook or Outback Beds | Outback Accommodation | Touring Outback Australia Cheers gecko
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    The Dowling Track, SW Qld

    Walkers Crossing Hi mate. something to do with Coopers Creek perhaps? There was over 2 meters of water over the causeway at Inna a week ago. But August is a long way off. Cheers gecko
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    The Dowling Track, SW Qld

    Just wanted to let people know that our part of the Outback is looking amazing with lots of grass, fat stock and the birdlife is incredible. I know there is still some flooding in NSW but SW Qld is totally accessable, all the floods have gone leaving us with a wonderful season. If anyone...
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    What Cheeses Me Off!!!!

    Americanisms creeping into our language. ( Shopping Malls, cookies, ketchup, guys, folks, critters, the tip, the trunk etc, etc.
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    here to learn the best spots around.

    Hi[ well if your in Adelaide SA is your oyster, isn't it? Great state to drive around, love the Flinders area. Cheers Gecko QUOTE=bigfella85;170094]Hey guys just here to learn some info o the best 4x4 places around. i am still a novice but cruise around in a group of about 10 cars.
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    Simpson Crossing 2011

    Gidday, thanks for the reply, we too have a board up as we are often not at home when our visitors arrive. We also have maps for them to find their way around and choose a campsite or room. Please do drop in to Kilcowera when your on the Dowling Track, it's a good road with lots of history...
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    Simpson Crossing 2011

    And it seems another big wet year for the outback with up to 600 mls in places in the last week! If ever a person can get out there it will be magic. We have not had the big rains around Thargomindah and our place Kilcowera which is on the Dowling Track but the country looks fantastic and all...
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    New from South Australia

    Hi Thomo, did you enjoy your simpson trip? Why did you trade in the 80 series? are you happy with the 105? cheers gecko
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    What to do when you buy a new Camera

    I would agree that a UV filter is the go for protection of your lens as you can leave it on all the time. I can't imagine using a camera with a polarising filter on at night? taking photos indoors? portraits? regrds gecko
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    New Camera

    Lucky man Hi Dave, great pics, I don't think you can go past a Canon for clarity and fantastic colour. Cheers gecko
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    Newish member in the Outback

    The Dowling Track Hi there D4x4 & 1 Red gu, the Dowling Track is usually a pretty well maintained gravel road and a good drive, it's an excellent alternative route with not as many trucks and vans as some of the other roads to the east of us. Oh lucky little us, we had 28 mls of rain over...
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    Newish member in the Outback

    Thanks for the big welcome ! What a nice bunch of pple! We are 100 kms south of Thargomindah on the Dowling Track and yes we welcome all sorts of travellers to come and stay at our place, there is lots to do! Both Thargomindah and Hungerford are also great spots to visit. Regards gecko
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    Thargomindah Station Stay

    Gidday Frosty Hi Frosty, we hope you do call in and tell us how you found us on this forum just to jog my memory. Your better off staying two nights, so you can have a good look around the place. Our nearest neighbour is also called Frosty hhmmm...... he is computer illiterate I think...
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    Thargomindah Station Stay

    Thargomindah Station Stay on The Dowling Track Gidday everyone, it's a warm 45 degrees at Kilcowera today, so we have worked til lunch time and given up for a few hours. We have been upgrading our camping areas around the shearers quarters with the help of some nice blokes from Hervey Bay...
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    Clubs in Canberra

    The Dowling Track Hi mate, if you find a good 4wd club why not bring them up our way for a bit of fun. We are on a cattle station in SW Queensland called Kilcowera. The Dowling Track stretches from Bourke to Quilpie and we are just over the border in Queensland. Cheers gecko.
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    Newish member in the Outback

    Hi everybody, we live on a cattle station called Kilcowera on the Dowling Track in SW Queensland so get to use our 4wds every day for one job or another. 2010 was a fantastic year out here and 2011 is shaping up to be as good. The outback has its best bib and tucker on, the bird and wildlife...
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    Outback camping at Kilcowera Station

    Kilcowera Station in SW Qld This is a great place for camping, safe, well maintained and looking great after rain earlier in the year. Lake Wyara has lots of water in it and there are stacks of birds. The pelicans are back in their thousands and settling in for a big breeding season. Then...
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    Outback camping at Kilcowera Station

    Kilcowera Station is a great place for camping if you like the outback and are after a bit of quiet time with the family and or friends. There is one campground around the shearers quarters and 2 bush ones. The one at Cardenyabba Lagoon is fantastic. Lots to see and do with self drive tours...
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    Kilcowera Station Outback Qld

    Contact info for Kilcowera Station Sorry mate that I didn't reply sooner:D You can look them up at [url=] they've got a blog going now too its There are some interesting places around SW Qld to visit, old pubs, opal mines...
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    Hi to all

    Thank you all for the warm welcome, I'm sure I will find out some interesting stuff while sniffing around here! gecko