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    Camping at O'tools. This weekend

    Lost me here! Sent using fat fingers on the iPad thingy
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    Camping at O'tools. This weekend

    Let me just say this. While the camp ground is good I fail to understand why other people feel the need to arrive at camp at midnight and then start the chainsaw to cut firewood and to play music so loud that they have to shout over it to be herd, throw their empty cans and stubbies in to the...
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    short notice trips

    Off to O'Tools today. (Friday) if you are in the area call in and say Hi. Regards Crispy
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    Camping at O'tools. This weekend

    I know the gathering is on next weekend but I cant make that but we are heading up on this friday night for 2 nights. Saturday I am planning to explore the area. If anyone wants to join me thas ok Family of 4 1 boy 14 1 girl 13. The mrs and me. Have a white 150 Prado and outback camper...
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    Easter in September

    I was there yesterday so I guess a week early. It was the first time I have been there and I was suitably impressed. Put the quad in the sky to have a better look around. Then we went on our way to store point then army track before heading home. Have a good weekend I can't make it. Regards...
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    Crisp image goes high with a little help.

    Put your glasses on grumpy and read it again. In the middle of the post was the trip plan.
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    Crisp image goes high with a little help.

    Good morning all. It has been a little while since I was here but I thought I should share my recent trip to the High Country. This trip was a blokes from work trip. May27th 2013 we met at McDonalds in Traralgon and then headed off to the Dargo Pub for some lunch. I took off a little earlier and...
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    Thompson River at Coopers Creek

    I was by myself (well had the kids with me) so didn't have a spotter. I don't know about keeping to the right going up as there is not much surface to grip on. I tried to the left and stopped. Took the safe way out and went back the way we came. Better Safe than sorry I think. Any way...
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    Thompson River at Coopers Creek

    Hi All, I though I would let you know the entry/exit to Thompson River on the coopers creek side is in not very good condition. There are 2 big ruts in the middle of the top and I found it to be not passable (had a couple of goes at it) and I had to turn around and go back the way we came...
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    Heyfield/Licola during Melb Cup weekend?

    If you were going to stay at paradise valley you could try the licola caravan park as mentioned in an ealier post.The Welington river camps are good depending on you campers number 5 at the south end is a good one with good swimming hole. Not al of these camps have pit toilets so if you require...
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    chainsaws for 4x4

    Iv'e posted this before so here is the link, I am very lucky I had my PPE on this day. Check it out, get some training and be carefull!!!! Regards Crisp Image
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    A timely reminder

    The caps have several different is a felt layer designed to clog the chain. Then there is a kevlar layers for cut resistance. there are several layers of this. they work well For $150 or so they are a good investment. We spend thousands on our vehicles and some also spend hundreds on...
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    A timely reminder

    Grumpy, (and others) I will show you the gear at work and have a chat about tension and compression and how to deal with it. I also own a saw at home and I do have fancy pants (as my kids call them) and do wear them all the time even when using the long extension saw. The time it takes to put...
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    A timely reminder

    Hi All, With all the wind storms and trees down I thought I might send out a timely reminder about safety especially chainsaw safety. The other day I was out doing my public volunteer duty with an emergency service when I had a little incident. I was cutting a tree off the road when it...
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    Huggetts crossing day trip

    they don't pull them out. They cut them off jut above the ground so the kid can trip over them as they run past.
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    Falken Wild peak tyres?

    Any one used these tyers? Tires - WildPeak A/T - Falken Tire Interested in you comments. They seem to get a good rap from the States. Regards Crisp Image
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    Our big trip is nearly here.

    Gee Grumpy I cant wait til you go. Work will be quiet with out you. But I am sure I will have to hear all about it when you return. Safe Travels Crisp Image
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    BFG Rugged terrain

    Has anyone used these boots and care to comment? I spend most of my time on the black stuff but venture off road a couple of times a year. Your thoughts appreciated Regards Crisp Image
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    Crisp Image Epic High Country Hut Adventure

    I think No 4 is the best but any of them would be nice.
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    Crisp Image Epic High Country Hut Adventure

    The trip participants were myself in the Prado and a friend in a Pathy We planed to follow in the footsteps of those that had gone before us on another trip on a different froum We met at Merijig Hotel at 0930 Our plans were confirmed and we set off to Buttercup road. We traveled along the...