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    Storage draws!

    Great Idea for the tank. Thanks for the advice on the ally. I dropped into Bunnings and I couldn't find the fittings but I didn't have a good look - I was being rushed by the powers that be. This type of drawer system seems much easier than others I have been looking at in the way of putting...
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    Bundaberg ? ?

    Another shout for Kinkuna. Camping right next to the beach. Fantastic beach for young kids. The access to it can be soft but it keeps 2wds out of there - it can be a bit crowded on long weekends etc... bug spray a must.
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    Storage draws!

    Rodw - that is exactly what I've been looking for to use in the back of my ute. It looks like a top job. U have inspired me to go to bunnings today! (Like I need an excuse). PS - is that a water tank at the end? How did you go about doing that?
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    Pat Callinans 4x4 show

    Saw the show 2 weeks ago - they were travelling through Tassie. A quality show I must say - a bit high on the sponsorship plugs but anything that convinces my wife that I just have to have an air locker is good by me! The show actually inspired my wife to suggest a trip to Tassie next xmas...
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    4x4 Air Compressor

    I got the ARB mounted one for Xmas too! Love it so far. I had a supercheap one and it took forever. Besides the speed I have to say I can't fault it however - it worked when it had too without fail but the ARB is so much faster and easier to use. To top it off, being mounted, it saves a bit of...
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    Hi from the Fraser Coast

    Yeah, Chopper I am popping up everywhere as are you! I am just keen to get out there with the wife and kid to see Australia up close and personal. I was finding it a challenge to find tracks around Hervey Bay. Not many of my friends in 'real life' go 4wding so sourcing places to go has been...
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    Hi from the Fraser Coast

    thanks for the welcome guys.
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    Hi from the Fraser Coast

    Hi All, I've heard a bit about this site and I am looking forward to getting some great info on tracks in my region. I have just started to explore and so far I can't seem to get past Fraser Island. Love it heaps. I saw this forum on a youtube video when a bunch of 4x4 from the site went...