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    a Hallo

    gooday mate enjoy the site.
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    Xtream Rav 4

    Thats true Gippsurfer I was at the challenge myself and saw it run was a bit quicker than the average ravs, might even give my old Jacka a run for its money haha.
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    Gooday Ethan welcome to the forum.
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    G'day All

    Gooday Paul welcome to the forum.
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    G'day everyone

    Gooday Bluey welcome to the forum.
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    Howdy All!

    Welcome aboard cobba.
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    No room for D@#*heads in the Bush !

    Thanx Kev I don't think it will be the last time either.
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    No room for D@#*heads in the Bush !

    Well I hope they are all safe and well and do get the oppertunaty to use there 4wd to see our great country hopefully next time with the company of some other experienced 4wdrivers I dont know the full facts why they chose to make that route I dont think any of us do, I guess some of...
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    g'day as well

    True dat can't really argue that point.
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    Cape York

    Good one you will have a great time, my family and I done the trip in 2005 with a group of 20 people it was the best, you will have more than enough to see so take your time and enjoy your trip the only thing I regret about the trip was coming home to 1 degree temp in Bendigo P/S if you get an...
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    g'day as well

    how ya goin old mate what took ya. Cheers gordo.
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    Recovery Gear

    Hi James, I totally agree with Cliff just one thing I would like to add is that some TAFES do 4wd training courses I know B.R.I.T does. Cheers Gordo.
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    4x4 ettiqette

    Hi everyone, I agree that there are people out there without morals or are less curtious than others but I dont believe that anyone can be expected to have common sense driving in the bush it is just something that needs to be trained or passed on by other mature drivers most new drivers don't...
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    just anoyher new member

    Trip in Nov looks good depending on the weekend I might be able to make it, havn't been into Donnelies for quite some time, if there isn"t enough room in at O'tools Talbotville near Dargo might be worth a look but I'm Keen anyway.
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    just anoyher new member

    Hi everyone thanx for the great welcome, just a few details about myself, I am a Bendigo boy, originally from Heyfield Vic near Traralgon I have been driving 4wd's for around 10 years mainly through the High Country and the Pyrenese have done a few Robe trips,Birdsville & Cape York I have been...
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    just anoyher new member

    just another new member Hi there everyone great site.