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    Tigerz awning

    Sorry to bust ur bubble mate but arb is the same awning as well mate
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    New to 4x4 in Sydney - Looking for a day trip?

    Hey guys what at riverstone and where do u enter from?
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    Commercial awning problem

    But doesnt that allow water to get in the roof rack and ruin the roof rack?
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    Commercial awning problem

    Hey did u have to take the black piece off the roof rack to install the awning?
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    I bought a Jeep...

    You bought a jeep?
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    Drawer Runners / Slides SYDNEY

    I paid $30 a pair
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    Drawer Runners / Slides SYDNEY is the website
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    Drawer Runners / Slides SYDNEY

    I put mine on my timber drawers
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    Drawer Runners / Slides SYDNEY

    I bought 45kgs from a hardware shop at stanmore
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    chainsaws for 4x4

    Hey guys where do i get a carry case for my chainsaw?
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    North Durras

    I just came back from there over the long weekend there are some tracks before you head down to north durras but there are more tracks off the highway. Where are you staying and what car you got might meet up and hit the tracks together?
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    Funny story

    Well can a moderator re-name this thread then for me,to the nice things you have done or something along those lines?
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    Funny story

    Funny story for you guys, went out for dinner last nite for our anniversary and after dinner my says to me lets go for a drive so we ended up at kurnell for of you who know the area i ended up at the boat from where you can watch the planes land and takeoff just as i got there i noticed there...
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    Triton bash plates

    Hey whats the best bash plates for my 2008 glxr ml triton?
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    4wd accessories installer

    The bloke i got the snorkel is in qld and im in syd so a bit hard Fraz91 do you guys install snorkels as well and spotties can you ask brendan how much if you guys do?
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    4wd accessories installer

    Spotlights and snorkel
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    4wd accessories installer

    Hey guys does anyone know a good accessories install in sydney?
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    Trv snorkels

    Hey has anyone got trv snorkels also if you do how are they and how do you rate them?
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    Trv snorkels

    Hey guys has anyone got a trv snorkel just wanted to know how they are?
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    Ebay hid spotties

    They say its waterproof and they have a cover for the light so dont think stones will effect it