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    track file types

    Hi Grey Ghost, It appears I am doing the same thing. Any chance you could let me know how you solved the problem???
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    The New Hema Navigator HN5i

    Thanks Guru, I'll have a crack this week!
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    The New Hema Navigator HN5i

    Is there any chance someone could give me an "Idiots Guide" on how to download a track onto my Hema? I've only just got it and we are planning a trip this weekend. It would be great to pop a track (or two) on around the area we are thinking of going. I've had a quick play on it and downloading...
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    Hello and hope the lux's are going well
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    Hello and glad to see you've signed up
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    hi all

    Hello and enjoy
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    new b

    Hello and hope the camper turns out!
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    Just saying G'day

    Hello and enjoy some of the great tracks out your way
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    Welcome and enjoy
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    Mid Life Crisis

    Hello and enjoy the crisis!
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    Hi All

    Hello and hope you find some great tracks
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    G'day from Hassro

    Hello and theres plenty to think about on here
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    Hello and look forward to your experience on the site
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    Good Evening.

    Gday and nice sounding nav
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    Hello and sounds like a fun ride
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    Hello fellow 4x4ers

    Hello and glad to see you came to your senses!
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    Hello and looking forward to your "reports"
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    g'day all

    Hello and hope you enjoy the corner
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    Another Newcomer

    Hello and welcome
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    G'day From Colinv Thats Me ;-)

    Hello and welcome