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    What's on the Cards for Easter?

    Eldee Just regarding Eldee Station, a few years ago I went on a trip with a group of vehicles and the fella leading had arranged permission for us to travel on station tracks from about 10km north of Broken Hill and then heading west all thru station country and we ended up coming out thru...
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    Which Camp Stove

    Swaggie, have been using this stuff for well over a decade, only changed a generator once. Likewise we have a two burner, three burner and the North Star Lantern and also the small single burner stove. Cheers
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    Which Camp Stove

    Hi Swaggie, No it is not fumey at all. It is a clear spirit made by Caltex which is their version of Shell ite. Peter
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    Which Camp Stove

    Another alternative to Shellite is "Solvent 143" available from Caltex, $75.00 for a 20lt drum, have been using this product for 14yrs, never had a problem. Cheers
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    Madigan Trip 2008

    Great trip report Bushie, awesome dune photo's, well all the pics really. We are crossing Madigans in a few weeks time departing from Adelaide and the Riverland, can't wait.
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    SA Waeco CF110

    Item Detail - Great working condition, marks on outer cabinet but as you would expect from 9 years of use. Older model, fridge + freezer + dairy. Has not missed a beat. $700.00 ONO. Adelaide metro area. Any further enquiries 0427100055
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    Bridle Track closed still

    Good to hear the REAL ACDC, great video too, have never been to that part of Aust yet.
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    Robe - Beachport 5th August Week End

    Peake is difficult to get into unless you are with a club that is booked in, Bushys is not a bad place down Tintinara way.
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    Middleback Ranges SA

    Nice pics Andrew, where are the Middleback Ranges? Cheers Peter
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    80 series rims and tyres

    Howdy, are they 15 or16 inch rims?
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    Black cockatoo bush camp Sa

    Could be a few people down there, the Riverland Club are going to be there also. Don't know how many vehicles though.
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    Waypoints on Ozie

    Thanks, I'll check that out. Cheers
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    Waypoints on Ozie

    I am using it direct on a navigator, but I want to put some coordinates from my old gps onto this one using latt/longitude. I have Ozie on my home pc also. Cheers Trakka
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    Waypoints on Ozie

    Hi everyone, I am new to using Ozie and I don't seem to be able to find anywhere to enter a waypoint by longitude and lattitude directly to my gps using Ozie. If anyone can help me with that it would be great. Regards Trakka
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    Thanks Tasar, will keep that in mind.
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    Can anyone tell me if this area is particularly busy at Easter time, haven't been here before, any good/bad points. Regards Peter
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    What tyre's do you run and how many kms do you get out of them

    Exactly right, Sick of people saying they get 100.000ks out of a set of muddies, I can assure you that once they are down to about 50% tread they are pretty useless as muddies, maybe ok on the blacktop, but you wouldnt use them on a big desert trip or similar. Regards Trakka
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    Loveday Riverland Challenge October

    I'm interested, buuuuuuuuuuuut, October is sooooooo busy with club activities it is hard to decide where to go and with whom!. Went last yaer it was a buzz. Trakka
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    New boots today, yeeehaaa

    Frosty, I have previously been running Bridgestone D673's, happy with them, trying something else for a change. Trakka
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    New boots today, yeeehaaa

    Wasn't a matter of putting up with the skinny's, never had a problem. Have had a set of 16 X 8 rims for about 6yrs. Trakka