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    Tyres Vs sand

    I've got M/T mongrels on my car atm 32x10.5x15 Heading over to morten island next weeked....never really had too much of a problem with them at bribie island, didn't even let them down.... Am i going to have problems with them over at moreton? Will be on a stock toyota surf that will be...
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    GQ $6300 ono

    Got any pictures mate?
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    G'day from Brisbane

    Just on the cnr of norris rd at the round about! Not far at all. What are the tracks at mt mee like? never been there only headed for the glass house everytime i've gone. (Gotta stop going alone!!!)
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    Mt Mee

    How hard would the tracks be mate? Only got a stock standard surf....just with 32inch muddies on there! No cb radio either yet, too broke to be getting one anytime soon!
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    G'day from Brisbane

    Welcome, new here too!! Up in qld aswell, i see Pressy is also from bracken ridge! Best local tracks mate?
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    Hey all

    Yeah same, quite interested in getting out there and joining a club.. Anyone recommend any good clubs around the northside of brissie area?
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    Hey all

    Just joined! Found the site while looking for somewhere to go away with the gal for the weekend. Living on the north side of brissie, looking for somewhere (localish) to go for saturday/sunday. Preferably with 4wd tracks, (easy, not the most experienced just yet! but been tackling some...