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    What tent do you use?

    Blackwolf tent strewth2002 My wife & I have had our Turbo 300 for about 18 months and love it. Easy to erect & dismantle, fits back in the bag. I ould recommend a set of sand pegs as ours blew over in at Loveday when pegged into sand. Replaced them with sand pegs and not a problem since. A...
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    What tent do you use?

    black wolf tent When you purchase a blackwolf do youself a favour and buy a set of sand pegs, we used ours at Loveday in the sand, with normal pegs and it blew over in the wind!
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    What tent do you use?

    Best tent I currently have a 3 metre Black Wolf. Fantastic tent ( a bit expensive but worth it ). Lay it out, climb inside, push up the frame, peg it down, start drinking. I would recommend you dont buy the "Lite" version. It's cheaper but material is very thin & plasticky!
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    Border Track

    Hi Border track is great for a 2 day run. Plenty of sand, dunes & easy track from Pinnaroo down to Red Bluff camp. Then plenty of mud ( assuming they have had rain lately ) from there to the end of the track. There are also chicken tracks around all the bog holes. I have a mate that went there...