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    unleaded in a diesel motor

    Not a smart move. there are plenty of additives available to do same thing that are designed for this.
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    Performance Module/Chip

    I'm trying 'roosstem' chip on my Navara at the moment, speak to Ben at AMMS in Brisbane. He will be able to help.
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    Performance Module/Chip

    I've just fitted up a 'Roosystem' to my Navara. Had to dial the chip back to '1' as it was blowing heaps of smoke. These type of system trick the ECU and pumps with fuel supply and fuel/ injector timing. Haven't had a load {camper trailer} on vehicle yet to really test any change. Exhaust would...
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    Diesel Power Chips

    Hi Andrew, I've just fitted up a 'RooSystem' chip in my Navara. Wound dial back to '1' as it was blowing heaps of smoke. These tyrpe of system trick the ECU/ pumps into increasing fuel pressure at rail and injectors. I've only had it on 3-4 weeks now, but haven't put vehicle under load yet...
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    Help with diy off road camper!

    You can check out welcome to website home to Australian off road camper trailers since 2001 they have a some great info regarding DIY campers. I built mine afew years ago, but researched a lot before starting, since modified several times too.
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    Help with diy off road camper!

    Check out welcome to website home to Australian off road camper trailers since 2001 they have some great forums regarding C/T's. I built mine afew years ago and have it listed with them. Picked up a heap of ideas and mods.
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    performance chip???

    Hi, If you're looking at RooSystem Chips, speak to Ben and tell him to sharpen his pencil, should be able to pick up Roo chip under $1350. They are Trying to move some stock since floods in Qld. Takes about 1-2 hours to fit {Navara D22}
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    rear air bags pro's and con's???

    Rear Airbag helpers. I had airbags in my jackeroo, seemed to work well. I did cover the coil with and old truck tyre tube to help protect it from sticks and rocks. This worked well too.
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    performance chip???

    Hi, I have a D22 2.5 T/D, experimenting with a Roo System chip at moment. Only had it 2-3 weeks. They are exy. It seems to be going ok. Hoping to put on dyno in next week or 2 to play with the settings. Have dialled it back to 3 at monent. Cheers
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    Diesel engines and snorkel's

    Hi, I have a Navara D22. Fitted snorkel and picked up a bit on economy and power. Keeps air filter cleaner a bit longer too. Few differant types/ brands to choose from. Cheers Lee
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    D22 2.5crd Egr

    Hi Ja, Speak to Leigh or Kane at Peninsula Diesels. hey have done a few mods on D22's. I have a 2008 D22. Put achip in it, but blows heaps of smoke, they will be sorting it out for me next week. email is the girls in parts will forward your notes on.
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    I'll be heading up to 90 mile beach- Golden beach & Seaspray for weekend coming. My family lives in area. Hope to get some fishing in. Going to Heyfield following weekend for camp oven muster/festival.
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    :)I run A nissan D22 STR dual cab. 2" lift-Pedders. Mickey T MTZ {weekend tyres}. Try to get away every couple weekends, Dargo, Licola, 90 mile beach. Camping, cooking and fishing.
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    navara d22 lift kit costs

    Pedders do a good job, don't expect to much change from $2000 for any kits or up grades.
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    nissan navara d22 str 08

    I bought diff breather kit from hobzees. Home. Online orders. for about $50
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    navara d22 lift kit costs

    I had my D22 lifted by Pedders. Recurve rear leaves add more leaves and fit heavier torsion bars. I fitted Pedders Trackryder shocks. I run Mickey T's MTZ when out bush. 265-75-16 .Tight under gaurds even with 2" lift. Standards are 265-70. Had Coopers ST in past proven to be ok too
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    Navara suspension lift

    I run Pedders- 2" lift 0n D22-2008. I wouldn't go any higher unless using dropped shackles and wishbones. changes angle of driveline to much and brakeline length. Snake Racing kits are good. Seen a few D22 fitted- 3" plus
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    Nissan Navara D22 2008

    I've had 2" lift under my D22-2008. Pedders recurved rear springs, replace torsion bars for heavier type. I put Pedders Trackryder shocks under. All Seem ok. I wpu;dn't go any higher lift without looking into dropped wish bones and brake lines.
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    Nissan Navara D22 Snorkel

    I've got a "genuine" Nissan snorkel on my D22-2008. Appears the pre cleaner and intakes are still standard. only change was form outer gaurds to snorkel. Restricts room for extra battery in large size-N70 100hr battery, I had to fit smaller battery in the space provided.
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    Mickey Thompson FCII

    I'm running MTZ on D22 Navara, handle rough roads ok, noisey on bitumen, good wearing tyre for agreesive patterns.