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    This looks like a great site!

    Welcome - lots to love yeah!!
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    Hey guys

    Mitsu's Rule!!! Welcome dude.
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    Another 4x4 earth newbie

    Man, you are going to enjoy this site!! Welcome
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    G'day all

    Welcome Steve, Youre gonna enjoy the site mate!!
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    Hi guys,

    Thanks Kiwijaz - will give Frosty a tinkle and yes, I expect the Tri-nations trophy to stay exactly where it is!!!:):) However, lots of tracks to go and ride in the meantime!!
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    Hi guys,

    Thanks. I had a look on Google. Will be on the lookout for them this weekend at Duck Creek Road!!! Scary!!!
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    Hi guys,

    Guys - please. You gotta speak slowly! I am South African!! Cane toads?? Drop Bears?? Bunyips?? Can you eat any of these??
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    Hi guys,

    What is a Bunyip?????????????
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    Hi guys,

    No he did'nt!! Will have to go back next weekend to look again. Got to sort out the suspension in a hurry then! Seriously though - we were happy with what we saw. Beautiful area.
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    Newbe catching the bug.

    Mmmmm - Duck Creek Road..... Now I know exactly where I will be headin next weekend!! Thanks! Your Pajero standard???
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    Hi guys,

    Thanks Walkabout - will do that. By the way, my son wanted to know why there were no giraffes around yesterday. Not sure what to tell him?? Outta season??
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    Hi guys,

    Moved to the Gold Coast last year from South Africa. Went for my first trip yesterday in the Kingsholme area ( Shaws Pocket Road) Ground Clearance problems with my 2002 DID Pajero. Does anybody know of a good shop in the Gold Coast area that can do a suspension lift on a vehicle like this?? Is...