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  1. justaguy

    Track Difficulty Legend - how accurate?

    I have always taken the track legend as a dry weather assesment. But where that comes unstuck is if the assesment was made a few years earlier and track conditions have changed since it was last assesed. The great thing about this site, is people can evaluate the track and update its status...
  2. justaguy

    Personal GPS Tracker and Messanger!

    Smeacs; Take a look at this thred I started some time ago... It has a number of the advantages and Disadvantages of these types of units and a some correspondence with the suppliers.. It may or may not help in your research...
  3. justaguy

    HELP! Petrol GXL vs Water. Water wins!

    The other thing to try on the dizzy, is connect breather whole with a hose to a second air horn compressor without the air horn fitted. That way you positive presurise the Dizzy cap and ensure no water will get in. The air horns supply just a couple of PSI and its enough to keep it dry in the...
  4. justaguy

    Would you buy a EX mining 4x4?

    I believe the other is all the chemicals used / found in mining will rust a 4wd out quicker then salt water.. Such as sulpher etc. I was told as a rule of thumb... If it looks like a mining vehical, or your told its a mining vehical, than the best place to drive it is to the bottom of the mine...
  5. justaguy

    hand winch

    Hi All, Just my 2 cents... The obvious has been stated: time consuming Vs versitility etc... But i have a Black Rat... never let me down, only used it once on mine and most of the time on others... that means they want their truck out they do the work so its not as difficult as has been...
  6. justaguy

    Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 2012

    Gday quick Q if I may... Where did you buy the kit from Next Door neibour has one and I sure he would like to drop the Arc and install a dual batery system Cheers
  7. justaguy

    Big River country ( Stockmans Reward)

    I agree Swag's.. was no one there apart from about 40 of us from our church " Blokes weekend away "kids had a ball.. so did we for that matter... LOL Dshep, I agree to your post, in as much as these "addons" should be used to tread lightly and keep the vehical and the passengers as safe...
  8. justaguy

    Land Rover Dwefender SVX - 17 2008 60th Anniversary Limited Edition

    Love it always loved the defenders
  9. justaguy

    Gas conversion in a 100 serries - gone wrong

    Swag... Yeah sorry mate, the ones I was sent on email I could not copy for some reason but did a google search to get these ones for the forum....
  10. justaguy

    Gas conversion in a 100 serries - gone wrong

    Pretty scary stuff I reckon
  11. justaguy

    Gas conversion in a 100 serries - gone wrong

    Hi earthers was sent this from a friend but in saying that its the first one I have heard of like this... ...." WA had some staff who had come across this bloke near Karatha in Western Australia. The Gas cylinder was fitted below the passenger seat. The chap with the cut was sitting...
  12. justaguy


    My wife sent me down the shop to buy milk, she said if there was eggs buy 6...... When I came home I placed 6 cartons of milk in the fridge and told her the shop sold eggs.......
  13. justaguy

    Breathers on GU Gearbox and Transfer Case

    Jack - Welcome back... quick google found this one.... (all of which terminate inside the inner front guard, near the back passenger's side of the engine bay). Breathing easy GU Patrol @ ExplorOz Forum found some nic pics but does not state specifically diffbreathers but this PDF...
  14. justaguy

    What Cheeses Me Off!!!!

    why do car owners drive with lights out on their vehicals... Over the last few weeks I have notices maybe 50 odd cars with some sort on lighting issue, ( headlight, tail, parkers, break lights ) Bloody anoying
  15. justaguy

    Trip to Bunyip- Didnt end like we planned

    All It had to be was a deeper puddle by half a foot and the driver unable to get out and there could have been a drowning.... Thats just the start of the potentual issues, not to mention on comming vehicals Etc They were very very lucky....... Its a shame... but I hope they take it on the...
  16. justaguy

    Trip to Bunyip- Didnt end like we planned

    sorry les.. I did not see your post before I put mine up... your spot on !.... It has been said " It takes a whole tribe to raise a child "... so where we have been given an oportunity to influence our youth we should take on that responsibility, Just my humble opinion....
  17. justaguy

    Trip to Bunyip- Didnt end like we planned

    Jeep Jeep, From an older gent to you.... I see from the posts you have coped your bolicking from the forum. But there are a number of take aways from this and I am speaking from experence being involved with road safety and speaking with young drivers....... Your licence is not a right of...
  18. justaguy

    Trip to Bunyip- Didnt end like we planned

    I take the patrol was pulled out backward... Glad all was safe and sound... An interesting educational experience for you lads Just a guy
  19. justaguy

    Unexpected passing this day 26th May

    My condolences grumpy for you and your family mate.. Tim
  20. justaguy

    1989 BJ71 Landcruiser Injectors

    there is definatly a step in the voice there mate... nice feeling to know the old Girl is back on the tracks... Your rig seams similar to Grahams old shorty on 4WD action mag... might be worth getting in touch..... you can swap notes..... That Ilk of cruiser is a great tough truck mine is the...