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  1. Old55

    Brain Teaser - Prado 3400

    Last year I did a trip from Melb to Mission Beach in Qld and I removed the roof rack from my 80 series for the trip. 1997 80 series 4500 ltr Petrol manaul. The difference was amazing and I gained an extra 200 kms in range just by removing the rack (ARB Steel). So the answer is yes it is the...
  2. Old55

    4x4 Clubs vic

    We joined 2 clubs when we left Darwin to live in Melbourne and one was a big club with over 300 members but the other was a small family club. We actually enjoy the small club (easier to get on trips, less formality, and friendlier) and tend to do a lot of day trips rather than the longer trips...
  3. Old55

    Winch bar and Winch

    My son put an Ironman bar on his 100 series and was unlucky enough to hit a roo on the way back from Darwin. Bar folded back like paper and took the left mudguard and headlight assembly out. He replaced it with an ARB bar. The Iron man is a lot thinner steel than the ARB. Cheers Rod
  4. Old55

    Body & Suspension Lifts

    At our club meeting last Wednesday our state 4x4 rep advised that the restriction would be set at 50mm and should be implemented by Oct 2009. His information came from Vic Roads who were at the reps meeting. I think at this stage if you were looking at doing any suspension mods I would wait and...
  5. Old55

    Washing the 4wd!

    No trouble with my petrol Camped at the Crooked River near Talbotville over the Easter weekend and did the usual tracks, Billy Goat Bluff, Collinwood Spur and the Bultown Spur track and as it rained on two of the four nights the 80 got mud all over. Just used CT 18 sprayed it on and left it for...
  6. Old55

    Tom Tom 500 upgrade

    Hi Guys I have an old Tom Tom 500 unit and the maps are now well out of date and on the Tom Tom site there is no facility for updating the files on an old unit. Is there a site I can download updated maps?? I have to say this unit has performed brilliant all over Australia and still works...
  7. Old55

    power steering going stiff. ?

    Phil Craig is right, it is simply the belt slipping. Even if it's tight it gets water between the pulley and the belt and slips for a few seconds until the water is ejected. Sorta like lubricating the belt. Check the belt tension as well but this is normal especially if it only has 1 belt. My...
  8. Old55


    Did a chain saw course this month (after using one for 30 years) and we used both Stihl and Husky's and I personally found the Husky better to use. We had the turbo models (70 and 85 cc I think) and I am now in the market for a Husky.
  9. Old55

    Car Battery Submersed Why Does It Still Work?

    Millsy If you have a 3 or 4 stage charger just leave it on all the time and the maintenace side of the charger will just trickle charge the battery and keep it in good condition. I made the mistake of leaving my Camping trailer battery for a couple of months (with a small LED light running) and...
  10. Old55

    Home made drawers

    We find it excellent and would have liked to put a second bladder in the left/side as well but the fuel filler intrudes too much into the cavity. So we store our extra bottle jack and toolkit in that side. If you fit a bladder it is important to line the inside of the guard with carpet or...
  11. Old55

    Changed my map program

    Yes including moving map , the only diference seems to be the symbol when you look at the Map file (shows as red adobe symbol) wheras I look the same maps on my other computer and they have a totaly different symbol. I guess if it works I should leave well enough alone. I thought if was an easy...
  12. Old55

    UHF Aerial Plug ?

    Carefully drill a hole through one of the rubber plugs next to where the main loom goes through the firewall, push your wire through the hole and use silicone to seal any gaps.
  13. Old55

    Best Accessory

    Nice thick lambswool seat covers, boy did it make a difference to sitting in 80 series seats. Probably the next was our rear drawer/cupboards because we no longer have all that gear floating around the back. Although it is hard to beat our 6 stack plus 1 CD/mp3 (6 mp3's under seat and 1 in the...
  14. Old55

    Changed my map program

    Thanks Grit and Rossco tried to find program last night but all it comes up with is "unknown program" Maps all work OK and load when I select the Map file but it opens with Acrobat instead of whatever the original program was. Tried loading new maps but the prompt for a program is not there...
  15. Old55

    Changed my map program

    Thanks guys, will attempt the fix tonight Cheers Rod
  16. Old55

    Home made drawers

    I use a 25 litre bladder in the r/h side guard panel (available from ARB) and this is generally enough for a weekend or day trip, if we take our CT we have a tank in that anyway. A jerry on the roof gives us a total of 45 litres.
  17. Old55

    Fitch Fuel Catalyst

    I used vehicles in Darwin, all diesels, that were fitted with Fitch fuel savers and frankly I didn't think they made a bit of difference to either power or fuel economy. I was given one to try on my Holden Statesman but I thought it wasn't worth the effort of fitting it. Cheers Rod
  18. Old55

    Home made drawers

    Built these for my 80 a couple of months back. Used 8mm ply and total cost was $500 including the 20 litre storage containers. Was originaly going to use slides but decided for weight and cost this was better. Have done Cape and Vic high country with them and they dont move (four bolts into...
  19. Old55

    No room for D@#*heads in the Bush !

    There is another element to this, if they were using a road navigator and programmed it to take them North the damned things will put you on all sorts of interesting roads. Had this problem in Bright and programmed my Tom Tom to take me to Lilydale and I ended up on Mt Selwyn on a track that...
  20. Old55

    Changed my map program

    Hi Guys Newbie and first posting so go easy on me. I was downloading new maps to OZExplore on my laptop and I accidently clicked "open like files in this program" and now most of my map files open using ''acrobic reader". I have no idea what program used to open them and they seem to work...