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  1. jarrod


    old 4runner's have a 3 gauge system mounted to the dash u may be able to pick one up from a wreckers i had one in my 84 model hunt for one of them as it has all the gauges u r looking for
  2. jarrod

    Wombat State Forest weekend out

    nothing wrong with the wombat nice pics of the wombat its a good place to go if u know your way around heaps of bog holes and mud on one side and go the other side and there are hill climbs its a good around place to go. great all year round. i think the wombat is better than the cobaw. thats...
  3. jarrod

    Laptops as GPS's

    hey i just brought a asus eee pc which is really compact with a 9" screen which runs ozi fine and i run that of an inverter with me gps arial one thing u might want to look at is try and get a solid hard drive that is one that doesn't spin like a dvd drive so it has no moving parts and can...
  4. jarrod

    steel tray

    im looking for a steel tray for 75 cruiser ute, standard size as the one i have on it is to big it is 2400 long by 2000 wide may swap if some one wants a big tray
  5. jarrod

    any suggestions Broken Shock 75 Series Crusier

    i have a 75 series and i put snake racing shackles on it as i bent and snapped one of my front ones. the only thing im a bit worried about it they seem a bit wide and have gaps between the shackle and bushes do i need to worry to much about it? coz if i try and tighten them up it seems to want...
  6. jarrod

    can any one help

    it was just one map. it was the ubd of melbourne found out after some extensive research the maps i got given i need the cd to run them. coz my high country map and desart maps work as i have the disk for them. thanks so much for helping me out 4x4 would like to go out some day for bash. thanks...
  7. jarrod

    can any one help

    ok message ok message says it cant load image file and then under that it say image file recorded for this map is .ozf2 hope u may be able to help me im only new to ozi
  8. jarrod

    can any one help

    sorrry about that im running it on pc
  9. jarrod

    can any one help

    i cant open .map files in ozi explorer or any other maps whats the go?
  10. jarrod


    hey all, just saying hi, im jarrod all ways looking to go 4x4ing with any one
  11. jarrod

    street maps for ozi

    ozi explorer i have ozi explorer but i cant seem to load the maps it say my version or something cant load ozf2 file can any one help me out as im new to ozi explorer. and i read in the form something about ozf3 file and where can i also get street maps for the program.