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  1. kyro

    Cooper STT's, any thoughts + similar tyres on 33's

    I have been running the STT now for awhile and dont find them slippery in the wet at all the big thing with cooper Tyre is the pressures dont run them with high pressures and then you will not have any issues i have them on as my daily driver Tyre and play Tyre
  2. kyro

    Ripley or Senic Rim This Sunday 14-11-10

    looks like you guys had a great day
  3. kyro

    Bringing a 4x4 to OZ from USA to drive during holiday?

    my friends did it in there jeep so im sure they would let you know what to do this is the jeep they shipped over Make / Model: 1994 Jeep Cherokee Sport Engine: Stock 4.0L high output I-6 with Custom Aluminum Radiator, dual battery, tripple compressor, Borla exhaust system...
  4. kyro

    Glasshouse overnight run 14th & 15th August?

    great read mate well done here is a couple pic i have
  5. kyro

    Glasshouse overnight run 14th & 15th August?

    couple from my phone sorry about the quality
  6. kyro

    Glasshouse overnight run 14th & 15th August?

    thanks for a great day guys, sorry had to pull the pin early but the wife and new baby only just got home friday so my leave pass was a bit short..hope all got out of the creek ok..
  7. kyro

    jeep xj recovery points

    or try wooders garage and buy some XJ recovery points TOW HOOK KIT FR XJ, PAIR 84-01 [11236.05] - $166.50 : Wooders Garage, Online Store
  8. kyro

    Poor old Yobbo's laid up.

    hope your feeling better soon mate, and get out on the trail before to long mate
  9. kyro

    Nanango Old Coach Road

    maybe contact 4wd action and get Roothy in on it as well cant hurt to get a 4wd and camping mag on our side
  10. kyro

    Nanango Old Coach Road

    yep let us know what ya wont us to do our club would like to see it open again
  11. kyro

    Hi from Jeepmeupscotty

    welcome to the site Yahoo another Jeep hahahaha
  12. kyro

    Hi From Brisbane!!

    hey Dave welcome to the site
  13. kyro

    Jeep XJ Cherokee 2000

    welcome stevef
  14. kyro

    Jeep Xj 1998

    good to see another XJ nice rig dude but you sure thats a 1998 looks pre97 to me
  15. kyro

    Jeep XJ Complete Rear Diff with ARB air Locker

    hmm maybe GU diffs hahahaha
  16. kyro

    ironman 4x4 products

    have a read of thins month 4wd action mag will give you all the info you need to chose a winch
  17. kyro

    Air Lockers

    as far as cost approx $1800 fitted each end thats with carrier bearings then ya need a compressor say 500 fitted with pump up kit just having a front will put more strain on CV's, uni's and also the steering box as make it harder to steer when lockers are on