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  1. Oznut

    Toyota Hilux LN106 1991

    Toyota Hilux LN106, 1991 Good Points Good points? I dunno, it starts when I need to go to work. Bad Points Again, it starts when I need to go to work. What mods have you done? Fairly stock. Twin ARB lockers, bit of lift, tyres. It's just a mall cruiser. What mods are on...
  2. Oznut

    Toyota Hilux dual cab 1986

    Cheers for the info Andy, I'm looking art redoing the rears on my dually using current model IFS rears. Super long leaves, and minimal lift, I'm hoping it works.
  3. Oznut

    Toyota hilux 1990

    Geez mate, a tidy looking rig you've got there, bloody tops for a first car!
  4. Oznut

    Stolen Barry Bennett antique Surfboard

    As a real keen surfer with a rare board in the quiver, I'm glad to see you got it back. Top stuff.
  5. Oznut

    Photoshop Guru's Help Please

    Photoshop is easy once you get to know what does what. Keyboard shortcuts are the key as it speeds the whole process up but also simplifies it. Here's a pic of what you can achieve. Before: After: I did that years ago now for a comp, if I knew then what I knew now, it would've come out...
  6. Oznut

    Ormeau Hills Track

    Any more updates on Ormeau? I'm thinking of heading out there saturday to show a mate but not sure if it's worth going there now.
  7. Oznut

    What Did You Do To Your 4X4 This Week? Include photos, if possible!

    I swapped rims over for what seems like the 100th time.
  8. Oznut

    Toyota Hilux dual cab 1986

    The old/new beast is looking good mate, good to see you out enjoying it too.