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  1. atowns

    ARB Bullbar 4 Sale

    hi.. have you still got the bar and is it a winch compatible? cheers alex
  2. atowns

    Download of track to GPS file

    Ah... ok so when you read more on the track, if it's not showing the track on the asociated map then there isn't one to download.. ta
  3. atowns

    Download of track to GPS file

    Hi, the track files around Tasmania, for example Mount McCall. I've uploaded half a dozen tracks myself onto 4x4 Earth, so can download the gps tracks and 2 from NSW have had the full track in the gdb download, but the last batch only had one waypoint in each gdb I downloaded, so wanted to check...
  4. atowns

    Download of track to GPS file

    Hi, Can anyone confirm I'm doing this right. I'm trying to download tracks to a GPS file for Garmin .gdb, however once it's downoaded & I open up the file, all I get is one waypoint normally the same name as the track rather than the actual track points, so isn't that much use. :( Am I doing...
  5. atowns

    Helping Searching

    I'm trying to use the tracks map to either search by an address or zoom in on a region, but can't seem to get the search to work and can't even see the zoom bars? Are they not working at the moment or am I doing something wrong? Thanks Alex