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    South Australian track and access information

    I've saved those docs for reference... "cheers" :)
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    newbie from Adelaide

    Mount Remarkable. it's only about 3 hrs away. The National park has showers and toilets, we just come back from there and Mambray creek was raging, cuts through many of the walks. We did the Mount Cavern trek and I certainly won't recommend that for the kids, but then again you don't have to do...
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    adelaide jeep owners

    "Aldinga" Wonder how on earth someone could get bogged there... be interesting to know the story....
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    Mannum Free Camp

    All for a $.. I've stopped there for years, so now they charge.. "rolls eyes"..
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    Hello Members

    Hi Stewart... love my Pathfinder, trust me you could of done a lot worse :) Mine has done everything I've asked from it, sits a little low at the back when fully loaded.. but generally good clearance and tough as. I'm just about to change tyres.. now that is a dilemma.. think I'll just buy on...
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    chainsaws for 4x4

    I had one for years, however when a small part broke.. getting it replaced was another thing.. a lot of that stuff from China aren't so good in the spare parts department no matter where u take it to be fixed.. "buy" Australian... :)
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    Winch pro/con

    Didn't realise they needed such regular servicing.. blimey how often do you have to use Mate of mine has one, and only used it twice in 5yrs.. both times to pull someone else bogged off the side of the road.. You're basically running around with a full tank of fuel regardless of...
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    hey everybody

    Welcome Chris.. whatever you need to know is here...don't make a move without checking 4x4 Earth :)
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    Taking the family bush

    Wheather you puncture all 4 tyres.. get bogged and have to be rescued, or have a drama free trip.. it's something the kids will remember for a life time... :) My teenage daughter now has her own jeep and does it all by's her way of "party'in" Keeps her away from the "riff...
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    Sand Driving With an Automatic

    Find the Auto much better.. how many times I've come to a complete stop when changing down on a slope... the auto kicks down
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    Loveday Trip

    Heading up there in April with the kids.. looks good :)) thanks for all the pictures :)
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    You'll love this site.. everything yah need to know is right here :)
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    suggestions for camping spots in vic with dog

    I know for a fact you can take your dog to the Coorong National park...but it has to be kept on a lead :) "Sorry it's not in Victoria" :)
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    spoilt holiday

    Everyone's on a go slow... nobody wants tah be at work... it's Christmas " sorry about your trip though" :(
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    South Australian track and access information

    This is one handy link... thanks guys, "all bookmarked" :)
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    A Massive thanks to 4X4 Earth

    This is one of the best 4x4 sites around...friendly, and everything you need to know is here !
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    "bloody marvels... make three" lol
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    Equipment to take out on your first trip out

    I think everythings just about covered... well done everybody... :)
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    Snatch Recovery - Explained

    All great info.... :)
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    Quit Smoking Using Champix

    I've heard good things about "Champix".. stay with it :)