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    car accessory shop closing, Boronia

    Geez sounds like they should have shut years ago !!!!!! I have actually only been in there twice had a women serve me who smiled and lent me a tape measure so I could go and measure the car to see if the recovery hooks would luck though. I was looking at another spare fuel can...

    car accessory shop closing, Boronia

    Hi all just letting anyone in the Boronia area know that the car spares shop in the mall area, by the cinema (sorry dont know what it is called) is closing soon and they have 40% off store wide (except batterys and oil which is 10%). when was in yesterday they still had lots of tools, spares...

    ARB compressor - portable...???

    Will try and get some this week, But basically I ran a extended cable from my duel battery (which sits on the passenger side of the engine bay, keeping the fuse close to the battery.) down and along the top of the chassie then up through a bung that comes out just below the rear seatbelt...

    ARB compressor - portable...???

    Hi, I have the onboard ARB compressor which I have mounted behind the rear seats in my D22 Navara, even though there is not a lot of space there the compressor does not touch anything that would be effected by heat (seat etc) also as this unit pumps my tyres up real quick its never used for...

    Vic social day

    I found this :- Parks Victoria: Cardinia Reservoir Park page seems you can take the dog,,,, feel daft now as we have always gone to kangaroo flats area and have to leave the dog at home!!!

    Vic social day

    Sounds like a good day will try and make it to introduce myself and my family, The BBQ's there are wood fired ones quite big and round with a chimney up the middle and there is usually lots of off cut wood provided in bins throughout the park I didnt know dogs were allowed though or is it just...

    Hi from Navman

    Welcome Brad and enjoy

    nissan navara d22 str 08

    Ha haa now there are 3 Nav's,,, the new 2.5 seems good and there is more space under the bonnet for a 2nd battery than in the 3ltrs at least,,,,,

    Nissan Navara D22 ST-R Dec 2006

    Good truck, I like them in white and glad to see another Nav on here
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    Hi from the UK

    Hi Brownie, Another Pom here, we are in Ferntree Gully which is not far from Lilydale but we actually started out in Chrinside park (next door to Lilydale) 5 yr ago, You will love it over here and will find work easy in your trade but you will proberly have to re-sit test etc to get your...
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    Welcome Nick, Great to see another Navara on here, have fun
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    good tracks in the Grampians

    Well back at work now after a great weekend away. some of the tracks we did:- Victoria range rd Goats track (it was open) Wallibie rocks rd Chinamans creek track All were easy in the dry but in the wet they would be a different story but they were all good fun and the views are...
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    He loves it,, infact I've been roped in to start my training as a cub leader so I may be after some hints and tips off you
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    g'day eag03 have fun here,,,, what pack are you with? my sons a cub with 1st Ferntree gully,, he's a few years off being a rover yet,,,,, thankfully!!
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    good tracks in the Grampians

    Hee Hee that sound like a good one to try. Thanks for the track info milf4x4, I have passed them onto my mate who is actually planning a route for us. will try and put together a trip report when we get back. Cheers
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    What do you pack for camping?

    "TOILET SEAT & PAPER (1/2 ROLL PER PERSON PER DAY)" Gee Wizz half a roll per person per day how do you find time to do anything else except be on the dunnie all day long,, one roll will last the 4 of us a week !!:D We are currently getting our stuff together and are constantly adding to...
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    Happy Birthday Croozer

    Happy Birthday Croozer,,, and remember your only as old as the woman you feel !!!;)
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    Have you spotted a 4X4 Earth sticker?

    Not seen any other stickers yet,,,, But mine came today (thank you) and its on the Nav so give us a beep if you see mine !!! Cheers
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    Rookie mistake/s

    I know whats its like being a newbie as well, I want to get out and try allsorts but I'm worried the truck wont come back home in one piece, remember turning round before getting in to deep is often the best 4wd technique. Have you done any driver training? lots of the 4wd clubs do it or...