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  1. Harden Crew

    whats the pajero like as a tourer

    I have a NM 2002 petrol with 2" lift, snorkel, duel battery and a few other mods. Mine has done 380k's and is still very strong and I would not hesitate taking it anywhere, I would love a TD auto, I think this would be a great tourer. I tow my van and off road camper with no problems at...
  2. Harden Crew

    Wikicamps Australia

    I have had it for over 12 months now also and find it great to use, the comment and photos are great and it has a lot more camps than most other similar apps and books. Greg
  3. Harden Crew

    Jeep Diff

    Well replaced the front drive shaft today and took the Jeep for a run along the highway and had no problems also tried it in low but not under much pressure and all went well. Will still get the diff checked out but thanks for all your help and advice guys. Greg
  4. Harden Crew

    Jeep Diff

    Jason, Thanks for that info, I was about to ask another question but you answered it. I am not sure what is wrong with the diff, but at the moment I don't think there is anything as I have just driven it from mums to home, about 500k's without front drive shaft in and it was fine. What...
  5. Harden Crew

    Jeep Diff

    Thanks Jason I will check it out Greg
  6. Harden Crew

    Jeep Diff

    Thanks Jeep_jk112 will give it a try
  7. Harden Crew

    Jeep Diff

    Have just checked the Jeep thread and got some answers from a question I asked back in september about where to get one but how do I tell which one is in it, have been getting some conflicting info from some friends. Thanks Greg
  8. Harden Crew

    Jeep Diff

    Hi all, Have just acquired a 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee from my mother. It has a crook front diff and the front drive shaft has been removed so it can be driven. My question is how do I tell what diff is in the front and has anyone got any ideas on a good place to get another one. Thanks...
  9. Harden Crew

    Truck driver's renumeration

    Hi Guys, There are just so many variables when it comes to pay rates, and company's all pay different rates but here are some current rates. Kilometer rate for a single trailer.........34c Kilometer rate for a B double ..............36c Hourly rate for single.........$26 Hourly rate...
  10. Harden Crew

    anyone in albury/wodonga??

    Hi Ratsack, we are in Harden and we head to the Tumut area also for drives often, we also like to find some where we can camp with the dogs Greg
  11. Harden Crew

    Jindabyne Area

    There was a sign just before the river stating Davies Plains and Mt Pinnibar are seasonally closed from June to December, I am sure that is what it said, but have been wrong before. Good luck Greg
  12. Harden Crew

    Jindabyne Area

    Gavo, Went for a quick drive to Tom Groggan on Friday afternoon for a quick look see, the river is flowing but not too quick, I drive a NM Pajero with 2 inch lift and water was upto the sills, the bottom was very firm, I did not drive the full width and walked part of it as I was alone but...
  13. Harden Crew

    Jindabyne Area

    I had thought of Tom Griffin but as they are fore casting rain from tomorrow through to Tuesday, and some decent falls I was thinking of giving it a miss, but will talk to the others and see what we can do Sent from my HTC One XL using Tapatalk
  14. Harden Crew

    Jindabyne Area

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on some medium tracks around Jindabyne, a small group of us are going this weekend and were looking for a couple of tracks to drive for a couple of hours. Thanks Greg
  15. Harden Crew

    harry smiths hut

    Hi Dennis, Check out this web site it may help Home - Harry's Hut Greg
  16. Harden Crew

    ACT Earthling Spring 2013 Meetup EOI

    Hi Guys, I am unavailable this weekend, hopefully catch up next time Greg
  17. Harden Crew

    ACT Earthling Club - Conditions Apply

    Thanks will give it a go Sent from my HTC One XL using Tapatalk now Free
  18. Harden Crew

    ACT Earthling Club - Conditions Apply

    Hi Guys, I know I don't live in Canberra but do live close by and was wondering what the chance of being a member of the earthlings club, went up there this weekend and the complete sign was gone but got a photo with the pole if that helps Ok so I am having troubble putting up the photo...
  19. Harden Crew

    What brand of tyres do you recommend?

    I have Cooper ST Maxx and love them, great all round tyre Greg
  20. Harden Crew

    bush to beach 4wd action trip

    That was one of their very early ones, I will see if I can dig it up Greg