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  1. cloughcarib

    If you could live anywhere in Australia...

    That was the purpose of our 'Lap' 4 yrs ago. We ended up settling outside of Bundaberg on a cosy little 5acre plot and loving it for now. It has it's downsides, lack of work being one, but the region is rich in beauty, quality humans and a cruisy 4hr drive for a city fix if wanted. Broome was my...
  2. cloughcarib

    Need help finding parts!

    Try this... I once found a site that sent a tender out to hundreds of wreckers and about 6 of them got back to me with a price, but I don't recall the name.
  3. cloughcarib

    The current 4wd attitude....

    I wish I knew how to get an applaud emoji on the comp.
  4. cloughcarib

    The current 4wd attitude....

    Same up our way. We've been getting some very rare rain at the moment and the proportion of overly muddy patrols has raised exponentially.
  5. cloughcarib

    All for Adventure message about rubbish...

    Ours take them crushed. As said before, Grubs are everywhere and just need educating if seen. Before xmas I pulled a family up for dumping their toilet bucket 20m from the river. They had never considered the impact, but their campsite was spotless, having been educated on previous camping trip.
  6. cloughcarib

    Touring with 1 tonne in the back of a Hilux pickup?

    Well, you have to love the wealth of information that is brought to you on 'Earth. Lots of fantastic thoughts and experiences in response to your question. My experience is far more limited than some and my setup is different from yours, but here's my two bob....... I have the 4lt V6 and it...
  7. cloughcarib

    sand fly repellant

    I'll agree with the suggestion of Avon Skin-so-Soft, however, now that Avon is defunct(as far as I know), that's no longer an option. EVERY bar had it free to use when I was a kid. I didn't know about the Vit B option. I'll give that a go. I find that I'm far more susceptible to insect bites as...
  8. cloughcarib

    R u ok?

  9. cloughcarib

    What/Where Is The Hottest/Coldest Place You have Lived/Worked ?

    I agree with Jaye that Penrith was consistently extreme, but the most extreme for me was driving from Tempe, AZ to Vegas through 3ft of snow and 2 days later it was 45c!
  10. cloughcarib

    Do I really need a suspension lift

    That's great advice for someone on a budget. I customised mine slowly, as I got to know the vehicle. Thankfully, that means I have no clue how much I've spent on it!
  11. cloughcarib

    What music do you listen to?

    My music ranges from FFD to FFDP. There are too many videos in between to post.
  12. cloughcarib

    4WD Spotters - do you use them when doing a tricky track?

    I can certainly respect that, however, my son used to spot for me from the age of 9 as he had watched so many good spotters off this forum;)
  13. cloughcarib

    Canopy Cleaning

    The silicone impregnates frp and if repair is ever needed eg. stress cracks around screw holes, the whole area needs to be ground out instead of a simple repair.
  14. cloughcarib

    Kings Canyon to Hermannsburg, west loop.

    It was made from potholes when we drove it 3.5yrs ago, so great to hear that's changed. @gjws my memory is 3.5yrs old, but we took a heavy camper into Palm Valley with no issues.
  15. cloughcarib

    New DIY Camper trailer

    @old parthy Looks like a heck of a project, well done. I love the idea of the drop down bunk/swags for the kids. Thats a great tip.
  16. cloughcarib

    Cape york

    We took 12 months to do a lap with the kids, a couple of yrs ago. Plan Ideas of things you would like to do, but don't set your heart on them as you often get distracted and end up doing something completely different. 12 months was nowhere near enough unfortunately, but we did most of the trip...
  17. cloughcarib

    Silky Saw or Chainsaw???

    I have a cheap chain saw I bought off ebay quite a few yrs ago now and it gets regularly maintained by me. The safety gear isn't that much to carry as I have a bag that it all compacts into, while all the tools fit in the chainsaw bag..... To your actual question though; The chainsaw only comes...
  18. cloughcarib

    Easy Carbonara

    OK, I'll bite....... What the heck is melted red pepper? do you mean like a Monterey Jack cheese?
  19. cloughcarib

    Common things you've never done.

    I've never been able to keep my mouth shut when I should. I've no time in my life to babysit other people's egos either. Oh, and I've never said anything about someone de hind their back unless I've said it to their face first.
  20. cloughcarib

    Go the Blues

    I know nothing about footy. I refer to my wife for most questions as she is from Wigan and they have a proud history(however historical) in league. What bothered me during the game were the FB posts at around 1/4 time from NSW claiming that they'd lost????? Where's the desire to win? Where's...