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  1. Derringer

    Crawler gears!

    I have a GU 2004 3.0l auto and have just had 85% reduction gears fitted - from Marks 4wd adapters. It has made an unreal difference to downhill control - 1st low is now 46:1, Most of my 4wd is in the Vic high country. I can now drive down the steepest tracks with no braking at all That...
  2. Derringer

    Auto or Manual

    Have been noticing something interesting in my auto 3 speed Nissan Patrol fitted with 85% reduction gears I have 3 gears to play with in low range WITH OVERDRIVE OFF If I engage overdrive I have 3 sub gears which are noticably different. I only climb steep hills with overdrive off, but on...
  3. Derringer

    Auto or Manual

    Just had crawler gears fitted into my GU patrol auto, Purhased from Marks 4wd adapters They give an 85% redution in final gearing. 1st low range is now 46.9:1 Downhill braking is no longer a problem:):):) IMO This modifiation now makes the auto the perfect transmission...
  4. Derringer

    Beaufort Bomber Crash site Eskdale

    Avro crash site - Mt Torbreck The co-ords for this site are S 37° 21.098 E 145° 56.386 There is a geocache listed there called "Avro" A monument remembers those killed and some wreckage still lies about, I visited the site earlier this year Hope this helps :) Kevin