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  1. El Bumpo

    Looking for a 4X4 for under 15k!

    I think the most important thing is do your research. Keep hunting and searching and look for one that has good service history. I bought a 2009 Navara D22 2.5L, $12,000 2 yrs ago not a world-beater I know but only had 98,000kms on the clock, one owner (not car yard). Took it to a mechanic and...
  2. El Bumpo

    Considering my first camper - Things to look out for / brands to avoid / etc

    Hey mate, Not sure on how your hunt is going. We bought a Lifestyle 10ft Softy, Aussie made, can't fault it. We love it, does exactly what you are looking for. Ours has lockable side storage on both sides, all tarps, walls, ropes pegs, floor etc go here leaving more room on the inside and pull...
  3. El Bumpo


    There you go mate, over in Moreton
  4. El Bumpo

    G'day from sunny QLD

    Looks good mate, we are thinking of getting one of these. Upgrading the Nav D22, the old girl has been super reliable.
  5. El Bumpo


    Hi Guys, Thank you for accepting me here. I look forward to meeting likeminded people in Brissy. Just joined river city 4x4 club also. Great website you have BTW. Cheers, Brendan