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  1. Davepatrol

    4x4 Air Compressors - Beginner Tips.

    Hi Dan, I thought your video would be quiet helpful for newbies, but would warn that Staun Tyre deflaters can & have stuck, deflating your Tyre completely. I have a couple of sets but mainly use an ARB deflater which I find gives me more control over how much air I let out
  2. Davepatrol

    Show Us Your Holden

  3. Davepatrol

    Show Us Your Holden

  4. Davepatrol

    The Nissan Patrol I never did buy.

    Try asking here
  5. Davepatrol

    How many Patrols have we got here

    2002 GU 4.2 Wagon NSW
  6. Davepatrol

    GVM upgrade Nissan GU coil ute.

    This mob can do it & should have agents in Vic
  7. Davepatrol

    Pics of your 4wd in Beautiful Places

    Smokey Cape Beach
  8. Davepatrol


    Yeah I had that problem with Coopers, seems like it's the luck of the draw which brand suits someones car or driving habits.
  9. Davepatrol


    I'm on my second set of MTZs and couldn't be happier,m great Tyre
  10. Davepatrol

    Nissan Patrol GU 4.2 2002

    The Suzie in the last photo belonged to my young bloke and was written off a while back
  11. Davepatrol

    How to crap in the bush.

    Just be careful what's around you
  12. Davepatrol

    S/S snorkles which way to face?

    Have a look at how the trucks have them.
  13. Davepatrol

    Recommended mechanic around camden area?

    This mob are at Narellan NEW : Welcome to : J.C. DIESEL
  14. Davepatrol

    Patrol 2009 GU new shockers

    I fitted Koni 90 raids to mine with poly air bags. My patrol has 2 long range fuel tanks, Draw system, Duel wheel carriers, 60lt water tank behind back seats. So is fairly heavy and have had the Koni's for about 3 years now with no problems.
  15. Davepatrol

    Exhaust system

    With the flexing and bumping that 4wds do the stainless exhaust will crack a lot easier than mild steel, So you will spend more time and money getting it repaired. My Beaudesert one has been on the car 3 years now, It's been in the Vic high country, to Cape York and heaps of tracks...
  16. Davepatrol

    Exhaust system

    I think stainless is a waist of money. I've got a straight through 3" Beaudesert exhaust :eek: :D:D fitted to my 4.2 Patrol and am very happy with it. Cheers Dave
  17. Davepatrol

    Sun rises or Sun sets

    Sunset Macleay river South West Rocks NSW
  18. Davepatrol

    Nissan Patrol GU 4.2 2002

    Pascoe river Cape York, Will be heading back there next year. Cheers Dave
  19. Davepatrol

    Nissan Patrol GU 4.2 2002

    Thanks guys, I think Nissan should have kept the 4.2 or some other 6 cylinder motor. lost a mudflap getting out of that river but hey all good, Thinking about going back up there again next year(hopefully) cheers Dave
  20. Davepatrol

    Nissan Patrol GU 4.2 2002

    Nissan Patrol GU 4.2, 2002 Good Points very reliable and goes just about anywhere. Plenty of accessories available. Bad Points Door remotes aren't real good, What mods have you done? 3"lift with Lovell Springs and Koni 90s shocks, ORS draws, Runva winch, Twin wheel carrier and a heap...