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  1. ethanboris

    Questions for the Federal Election around 4 wheel driving.

    Hi guys, i'm happy to chat to the podcast if you would like.... been about 3 years since i've been on this has me by the short and curlies
  2. ethanboris

    6th Annual Victorian Gathering

    G'day guys Ethan from We're holding our National Meetup the week after so if you're willing to stay you'll be more than welcome. Feel free to have a look at my thread, this is my 2nd year as being the Main organiser of our National meet with last year being a massive...
  3. ethanboris

    Never Ending Story (August Only)

    on our way
  4. ethanboris

    Never Ending Story (August Only)

    as the defenders
  5. ethanboris

    Never ending story (July On)

    potato sack around
  6. ethanboris


    thanks for the welcome guy's where is the forum meet?
  7. ethanboris


    g'day my name's ethan i found this site through i've already posted a number of tracks which i've been through a number of times i normally play in Mt Disapointment state forest which is closer to me i'v got an 89 Nissan GQ patrol petrol manual with a 2'' lift and 33's and...