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  1. Dirtbag

    Camp season...not sure...

    Unless of course it is a total fire ban:rolleyes: Beanbag, all the info you require is in this link: CFS :: What Can I Do Cheers Glenn
  2. Dirtbag

    Download of track to GPS file

    Yes I downloaded the same track with the same result. I uploaded my own track log a few weeks ago....track is showing up on the map. So I presume the GPS log is actually there. I actually find the upload/download of tracks on this site to be a bit awkward and messy. Cheers Glenn
  3. Dirtbag

    Tyres: price vs lifespan vs grip

    Yep, that's what I thought too Stets....but I'm no expert:rolleyes: Perhaps Sharky was thinking of something else. Cheers Glenn
  4. Dirtbag

    Tyres: price vs lifespan vs grip

    Aren't most A/T's and M/T's light truck construction? Cheers Glenn
  5. Dirtbag

    Uploading tracks

    Works just fine now thanks:) Sanity has returned. Cheers Glenn
  6. Dirtbag

    Uploading tracks

    So,is it actually possible to upload GPS track files? Really starting to do my head in:mad: Cheers Glenn
  7. Dirtbag

    Drifting Offline

    Could be all of the above:confused: Do you have lifted suspension or oversize tyres? Cheers Glenn
  8. Dirtbag

    Flinders Ranges & Outback SA

    Yeah, I could be interested....providing I can get time off work:rolleyes: Cheers Glenn
  9. Dirtbag

    Uploading tracks

    So nobody knows how to upload Garmin GPS tracks? Ah well, saves me the effort of uploading tracks, and the headf**ks that go with it:rolleyes: Cheers Glenn
  10. Dirtbag

    Uploading tracks

    I'm having trouble uploading a track. The track file is a GPX file (Garmin), so I selected ' GPX XML' in the drop down menu. I get the following message: 'Incorrect file type for device. Please check your device selection. Suggested types for this extension:' But there are no suggested...
  11. Dirtbag

    Best 5 GPS systems

    I don't know where you copy/pasted your information from, but it's a little outdated. The Garmin Nuvi 660 has for quite a while been superseded by the 760. The 760 is essentially the same unit as the 660, minus the flip-out antenna, and a few other small changes. The biggie for me though is...
  12. Dirtbag

    Video Cameras

    I recently bought a Canon FS-11. It uses flash memory (16GB) plus SD cards. The advantage of the flash memory is that there are no moving parts like a hard drive....makes it ideal for mounting in a 4WD bouncing around the bush tracks. Canon FS11 Camcorder Review - Canon Flash Memory The...
  13. Dirtbag

    Cooper Sure Trac Tyres

    Well, I've only done 15,000km on my MTZ's, but I'm more than satisfied with their on-road performance. Yes they are a more aggressive tread pattern than the ST's, but they perform equally as well on the blacktop. Offroad, I think they are superior. Most ST's do have a 80,000km warranty, but...
  14. Dirtbag

    Air Lockers

    Dunno about a hilux, but I had one fitted to my troopy about 6 months ago. Rear only $2100 fitted with the big ARB compressor and inflation kit. Cheers Glenn
  15. Dirtbag

    Cooper Sure Trac Tyres

    I ran Cooper ST's on my troopy, and had a good run out of them. They do everything reasonably well. Mine were only half worn at 75,000km (5 tyre rotation). I had to ditch them as one developed a bulge in the sidewall, then two of them went out of round....sections of tread about 6" long were...
  16. Dirtbag

    100 Series Landcruiser noisy tappets/valves 1hz

    Yep, I heard it's a pig of a job. I let the pro's do mine when I had the injectors done. Cheers Glenn
  17. Dirtbag

    Toyota HZJ78.75R (105) 2004

    WOW....I'm impressed:) A lot of effort has gone into that. Cheers Glenn
  18. Dirtbag

    Toyota HZJ75 Troopcarrier 1993

    G'day troopmaster. Yes they don't bother knocking:p Cheers Glenn
  19. Dirtbag

    Toyota HZJ75 Troopcarrier 1993

    SA's best kept secret....Davenport Creek. About 40 km west of Ceduna. Bugga....I think I just let the cat out of the bag:cool: Cheers Glenn
  20. Dirtbag

    Toyota HZJ75 Troopcarrier 1993

    As in permanent or quick disconnects? I wouldn't remove it permanently....plenty of body roll as it is:( The suspension has been changed since those pics were flexes a bit better now. That's the trouble with a heavy truck....ya gotta go too heavy on your springs, otherwise it just...