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  1. docsrandr

    100 series reduction gears

    Thanks Blue4b as Matty G posted type of info I was after, good to hear your happy with them,:) have spoken to another member who has them in his patrol and swears they are the best mod on the truck, hmmm looks like the exhaust can wait, will try marks adaptors, had suspension done by the other...
  2. docsrandr

    ARB Sales falling

    be interesting to see if they change their attitudes toward the private buyer and negotiate pricing as the downturn in the mining and commercial sector bites, Hmmm I doubt it though
  3. docsrandr

    100 series reduction gears

    Hi Folks, can anyone who has fitted crawler / reduction gears to transfer box of an auto 100series, give me some feed back on performance, reliability, cost. how much it alters driving speeds in the low range, brands and where to get, etc I am running 285's and the 1st gear low range just...
  4. docsrandr

    Creb - Frenchmans - Ott - Cape York

    Like you said the winning lotto numbers would be a big help, but for now its Just the regular weekends around the local area, (within about 2 - 3 hours drive of Brissy, twice a month) really enjoyed the cape though and your pics /commentary bring back some good memories and a couple of foggy...
  5. docsrandr

    Creb - Frenchmans - Ott - Cape York

    I'm with you Patrol dude would go back in a heartbeat, we are lucky enough to have the option of the cape again in July 2014 or the Simmo in June, MMMMM tough choice, neither will disappoint, keep the photos coming, just great
  6. docsrandr

    Creb - Frenchmans - Ott - Cape York

    Hi Patrol Dude, Certainly was a memorable trip, some great pics shown here (what! none of the KK tackling Nolans) Had the pleasure of you and the brides company for a few days, the cook and I had a ball during that time, good to see you made it back safely, we arrived home a couple of days...
  7. docsrandr

    Jardine River Ferry

    Have to agree, seems pricey, however offset that against a recovery cost and it is pretty cheap The cook and I are heading up alone in first week of September, we will be towing and taking the OTT We are planning on taking the pooch, does anyone know if there are any restrictions on pets...
  8. docsrandr

    doing the cape solo

    Hey Yoshi ULost2 has a point, getting a bit late in the season for a solo trip, depends on what floats your boat though, hope the young un is old enough to drive and make his own decisions, good luck & safe travels, let us know how you get on, (we are going in last week of August 2013 & will be...
  9. docsrandr

    Hiya all! New chick from Bundy

    Hi Carmen the paj will do ok, got bitten with the 4wd bug after driving one some time ago myself (have TD 100series now) just a thought, could I suggest you give the bundy 4WD club a call as they are local to you,great people who do regular outings and enjoy the company of others I had the...
  10. docsrandr

    Place to go

    you could try the condamine gorge, fresh water fishing there, stay at Queen mary falls caravan park and with 17 creek crossings that should fit the 4wd bill, not sure if you have any mods on the 4by but a lift would help, although not much rain of late so creeks would not be too high. cheers
  11. docsrandr

    Gday All

    Just heard about 4x4 earth, decided to join up and hopefully meet a bunch of like minded people to drive some tracks locally on the weekends and some bigger trips, like the cape, simpson desert and so on when circumstances permit it. see ya on the tracks