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  1. Cavsarge

    6 Speed vs 10 Speed for Off roading

    Currently posted to the states and have driven a number of the 3.5/10 speed F-150’s and they drive really well, had one for the last week from work used lightly off rd and it had hi/lo.
  2. Cavsarge

    Colossal Creekbeds, 26, 27, 28th August.

    Still have some fond memories of those creek beds- not to mention some dents in the sliders!
  3. Cavsarge

    Arnhem Land & Kakadu NT

    Thanks for the amazing photos, hoping to get over to coburg sometime this dry season.
  4. Cavsarge


    Just did east Arnhem Land on a new set of Km2's and am very happy with their performance.
  5. Cavsarge

    car fridges

    I am happy with the ARB 60lt for keeping the beers and food cold.
  6. Cavsarge

    Day trips out of Darwin

    Great photos and write up mate. I need to get my Hilux out a bit more once we get more rain and flick some of these gutters a bit more, iron bridge tomorrow for some quad riding and maybe a fish.
  7. Cavsarge

    Camping cutlery/ compact picnic set

    I am facing the same dilemma and have settled on the Engels set which another family had on my recent Arnhem Land trip.
  8. Cavsarge

    Diesel fuel additives

    The CEM CRD fuel enhancer seems to be working well in the Hilux, just stripped and cleaned out the erg over the weekend as well.
  9. Cavsarge

    This is why you can't have nice things.....

    Yeah Les there is plenty of this, funny how people don't even move over and slow down anymore- on the way up here along the central Arnhem rd only one vehicle slowed and moved over coming the opposite direction.
  10. Cavsarge

    What wildelife have you seen on your travels?

    Currently in east Arnem land on a trip and we had a large salty, approx 4 meters, pop up and make his presence known yesterday while fishing at blue mud bay off the rocks. Will post up a pic when I get back to Darwin next week.
  11. Cavsarge

    Sharks are in the ocean!!!

    They are caught regularly in the Adelaide river up here well away from the ocean, once they turn up its time to move on as I don't seem to catch anything else anymore!
  12. Cavsarge

    Melbourne To Flinders Ranges

    Awesome photos, thanks for sharing with us.
  13. Cavsarge

    Any Geocachers amongst us??

    My missus and kids love the geocaching app on the iPad when we are out bush, I find its a great method of keeping the kids interested on the long trips and convenient for getting in some rest.
  14. Cavsarge

    This is why you can't have nice things.....

    I'm currently touring through the Gove area visiting a mate and can't believe the way some of these guys fly around on these tracks up here. Went out to blue mud bay yesterday for a fish and overnighter and had a brand new Hilux overtake our convoy, he must have been pushing 120-130, on the way...
  15. Cavsarge

    This is why you can't have nice things.....

    Invoice the clown for the emergency services call out- to much of this idiodicy up here.
  16. Cavsarge

    Barunga Festival - Lots of photos

    Great write up and photography - thanks for sharing , looks like a great event.
  17. Cavsarge

    New Tyres, but which ones?

    Not sure why you would worry about the BFG for noise on road, I'm on my third set and never had an issue.
  18. Cavsarge

    Powerful 4X4 Rear wheel carrier

    Well I got a price from TJM up here in Darwin for the Kaymar for the hilux and the $3300 quote made the eyes water, nice bar but out of the price range I'm afraid!
  19. Cavsarge

    Local Tyre Shops - complete rip off?

    True I hadn't thought of the social beverage aspect of life up here!!!!
  20. Cavsarge

    Local Tyre Shops - complete rip off?

    Tyres, fuel, accessories, the actual vehicle....... Doesn't matter up here in Darwin it is all overpriced.