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  1. Daz

    What GPS to buy?

    I'm in the market for a in car GPS unit. I would like to know what forum members recommend and why. Darren
  2. Daz

    Anyone planning a trip?

    Anyone planning a trip around the Sydney/Illawarra/South Coast in the next couple of weeks? It would be good to meet up with other forum members.:) Daz
  3. Daz

    Hello to those who saw us today at the Victorian 4WD show!

    Is 4x4 earth coming to the Sydney 4wd show?
  4. Daz

    An idea....

    Maybe also sorting by experience (so novice drivers aren't going out to do the killer tracks) and vehicle capability (so the stocker isn't knee deep in the mud). Listing equipiment could be handy so everybody isn't carry the same items. You could run the vehicle modifications as a points...
  5. Daz

    An idea....

    I think sorting the members list by post code and then names would be helpful. That would make it a little eaiser to search for people in your area. Darren
  6. Daz

    G'day everyone

    Welcome to the site, interesting job you have. Daz
  7. Daz

    Nissan 4.2 turbo Intercooled Diesel Cab Chassis 2006

    The choice between electric and hydraulic each present their own pros and cons. Electric require big amp draws which require big dual batteries, heavy cabling, etc. On the other hand hydraulic don't need big amps but require you to tee into your power sterring circut. For this you need the...
  8. Daz

    Jeep Patriot 2007

    I know the feeling of having mud everywhere, even on the roof. The kids always love it when the mud is flying. Just remember to have the windows up! Daz
  9. Daz

    Hyundai Terracan Highlander 2002

    Yes, many people will bag the Terry because its a Hyundai, but like all 4WD's, a bit of lift and some decent tyres and it will go anywhere. On the Terracan forum sites I've seen a few people discussing their trips to the Cape and across the Simmo towing camper trailers, and they have...
  10. Daz

    Jeep Patriot 2007

    Judging by those photos, you really do need some muddies! Daz
  11. Daz

    Hello all

    My old boss had a diesel Ranger. You can hardly tell they are a diesel with the way they perform + they don't have that diesel clatter. Watch out for front mounted intercooler. I've read that they hang low and are eaisly damaged. As with all 4WD's, add some lift and decent tyres and it...
  12. Daz

    Toyota 105 series 2003

    Just wondering is the turbo engine the 1HZ with an aftermarket turbo or the Toyota 1HDT engine? Daz
  13. Daz

    Hyundai Terracan Highlander 2002

    The Terry can easily keep up with my brother-in-laws lifted, Mickey T MTR tyred Disco. My biggest problem is the standard road tyres, lack of a snorkel, and the fact that its my wife's work/daily driver. On e-bay I paid about $170 for the inverter. The company that sells them reckons the...
  14. Daz

    Hyundai Terracan Highlander 2002

    No, the Terry's petrol. I think the line between soft roada's and what are considered "proper" 4WD is becoming blurred. The Terry has seperate chassis construction, low range transfer, and only IFS. Also the Terry is rated to carry 820kg to reach GVM, something most 4WD's can't match...
  15. Daz

    Hyundai Terracan Highlander 2002

    Hyundai Terracan Highlander, 2002 Good Points value for money, purchase price, space Bad Points Torque on demand system (TOD) for centre diff not always suitable for conditons, no power seat adjustment, lack of aftermarket accessories, lap only seat belt in centre seat middle row...
  16. Daz

    hey hey

    Its a little late for this post, but there are some pretty good easy and medium tracks down that way. Cattlemans trail to the northern side of the Kings highway and the Corn trail and No Name Mountain fire trail are on the southern side of the Kings highway. Will have to show you around...
  17. Daz

    e10 fuel

    I filled up with Shell E10 a couple of days ago. I've had a problem with the engine being sluggish (to the point of stalling) under 2000rpm when the engine is cold. After my first drive from work to home (100km), I started the car the next morning. To my amazement, the problem has stopped...
  18. Daz

    Beach driving tips needed

    Rookie; Try not to use your brakes in the soft sand to stop, just lift off the accelerator and let the sand slow you down. Its a little unsettling at first, but it means you don't force the wheels into the sand. It makes taking off eaiser. Is the Mav auto or manual? Auto's are better in...
  19. Daz

    hey hey

    I've told that there are few good tracks around Telecom (or is it Telsta) tower. A co-worker and his mate travel down there quite regularly. I can find out from him where these tracks are. He is buying a new Narvara soon, we could possibly set a time and a date in, say early March to meet up...
  20. Daz

    Hello from Masterjeep

    Where in Sydney is your usual play area?