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  1. rabs

    got my stickers

    thanks guys got the stickers in the mail, looks good on the truck cheers Rabs
  2. rabs

    GPS map downloads ?

    If you dont hve much luck with maps on your Navman, try ozi explorer, go to .:GPS Australia:. and download th shonky maps cheers rabs
  3. rabs

    4WD Insurance

    foxshooter, yes they do cover mods and all camping gear, they cover you all over oz whether you are up the beach or the middle of nowhere, gazetted road or not. As long as the vehicle is registered and roadworthy...they even insured me for my 17 year old as a second driver, the cost I think was...
  4. rabs

    4WD Insurance

    Or try this one, discount also for 4wd club members TCIS Insurance Brokers cheers
  5. rabs

    yarra valley

    No thats not what I meant, I know what happens when you send a private message, what Im asking is the statement was made that perhaps you should pm someone for tracks but how do you know who to PM, would you just Pm everyone and hope that someone knows, I just thought it was a silly statement to...
  6. rabs

    yarra valley

    How would you know who to PM regarding tracks????
  7. rabs

    Addicted Possible?

    Why wouldnt you be addicted to being out in the bush four wheel driving, great scenery, locations that are restricted to our kinda people, camping, campfire cooking, stars, nature, clean air, being somewhere well away from the norm, secluded areas, help always available from fellow fourbiers...
  8. rabs


    I was wondering if one of the Admins can remove one of the Kundering tracks that I posted, doesn't matter which one as they are both the same, Just didnt know that the first did load up so I tried it again, I have now been advise that the problem loading Ozi plt files is now fixed so Ill give it...
  9. rabs

    "Members missin out"

    maps Ive got te same error when I tried loading up a file. It was also a ozi track file. so now ive uploaded 2 track files with no gps track file. its not an easy task to load up a track as it takes so long for the google map interface to come up and im on adsl 1500 i pity dialup cheers Rabs
  10. rabs

    Track conditions NSW

    nsw tracks It would be interesting to find out if limeburners is closed as we were hoping to run a trip down there cheers Rabs
  11. rabs

    BFG All Terrain Tyres

    tyres Ive had a set of BFG all terrains on my GQ wagon for 13 months and have nothing but praise for them, Ive never had a puncture, great grip on rock and mud. They are still as new and cant see any wear in them at all. Ive always had traction on steep inclines and declines and would most...
  12. rabs


    AM radio There is no dickheads on AM because they all moved to channel 6 UHF, well here anyway. I still have my AM/SSB for alternate contact as SSB has a very good range cheers Rabs
  13. rabs

    What GPS equipment does everyone use?

    GPS setup Hey Guys, Just thought I would show you a couple of photos of my gps setup, I can also view my topo maps through the dvd screen also but I generally use the EEE PC lappy for them, The DVD usually plays the movies to keep passengers happy while travelling cheers Rabs
  14. rabs

    Ford Maverick 1993

    Ford Maverick, 1993 Good Points great offroad ability, awesome low range, good tourer, nice and big and roomy Bad Points electric windows What mods have you done? not so much offroad stuff but dual batteries, gps and laptop, overhead dvd screen, rear work light What mods...
  15. rabs

    Down Flats Track to O'Tooles Flat

    Thanks Bushnut, Looks good thanks forthe pics, Its very similar to West Kundering that I believe would exceed that one, steep decent with 6 point u turns on the switchbacks while hanging over 100 metre drops, very nervy stuff cheers Rabs
  16. rabs

    Track conditions NSW

    caves trip Hey Fox, as far as I know you are not allowed trailers along limeburners, have a look at Boiling billy website and download track cheers Rabs
  17. rabs

    What GPS equipment does everyone use?

    Garmin Hey Guys Running an old Garmin GPS 12 that still runs perfect and is really good in thick scrub and cloud cover, its connected to a EEE PC running Ozi explorer, works really well and fits nicely between the instument cluster and the oh shit handle in the GQ cheers Rabs
  18. rabs

    MQ Patrol binding and clunking in 4x4 drive

    binding and clunking in 4x4 drive Hey millsy, I had an MQ patrol that did the exact same thing and it was transmission wind up, I couldn't even drive it in 4 wheel on bitumen for more than a few feet before it would clunk and start to brake as soon as the clutch was pushed in, maybe its a MQ...
  19. rabs

    Just found this site

    Hey Guys, Just found this site and looks good, I love all things 4x4ing and currently building a Camper Trailer as I'm sick of sleeping in tents, But for short trips I love my swag. I drive a Ford Maverick petrol wagon 93 and will be lifting it 2" shortly with 2" body lift also, fitted overhead...