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  1. Ben Sanderson

    Custom screens for Ozi Explorer Android

    Cheers mate, I'll have a play tonight.
  2. Ben Sanderson

    Custom screens for Ozi Explorer Android

    That looks great mate. How do I get a copy, your link doesn't work atm.
  3. Ben Sanderson

    Perth Meet (Cancelled)

    I'm out. Got my new roster and I'm away. Have fun without me!
  4. Ben Sanderson

    4wd tv shows

    Yeah my bad. I should have made it clear that I can't stand the ads while watching it on TV. I love the show tho.
  5. Ben Sanderson

    4wd tv shows

    I like all 4 adventure but can't stand the ads so I haven't even bothered this season. I have now signed up with YouTube premium in the hope I can get some good shows with no ads. It's working out so far.
  6. Ben Sanderson

    Perth Meet (Cancelled)

    Pencil in me and maybe missus too. My swings could change by then but I'll hope for the best.
  7. Ben Sanderson

    Antenna on roof rack full of gear

    Cool, thanks. It's a game 6db and will be at the back away from most gear and higher. I will be making some sort of drop down bracket.
  8. Ben Sanderson

    Antenna on roof rack full of gear

    If I install a ground independent antenna on my roof rack and then pack all my gear on will it effect my range?
  9. Ben Sanderson

    New member Perth

    Welcome to the club. Enjoy!
  10. Ben Sanderson

    Things to put in your First Aid Kit

    Just a reminder to check that your items are in date. I just went to grab a bandaid for my daughter and realised that a lot of my items expired 2 years ago. Time flies!
  11. Ben Sanderson

    First Swag Purchase - what should I get

    I love my swags but I can't say I love one the most as I have different ones for different occasions. Traditional jolly swagman king size for sleeping the back of the ute Ute or under the stars in nice weather, however it's terrible in the rain. A spacious fancy swag for when I need to get...
  12. Ben Sanderson

    2019 Wrangler earns catastrophic 1-star safety rating

    Same, it's quite entertaining whether you take his advice or not.
  13. Ben Sanderson

    Details of vehicle from vin

    Sweet, thanks. I did actually think that about my dealer as I was pretty sure they should have been able to. I will try a different one. Thanks for the link Ditch!
  14. Ben Sanderson

    Details of vehicle from vin

    Is there somewhere I can lookup or a place I can call that will give me all the information of my Amarok from the vin? I bought it ex demo and am not 100% sure what it was fitted with when built. For things like accessory plugs for brake controller, reverse signal, pin outs for this and that...
  15. Ben Sanderson

    Throttle controller - ebay cheapie review

    Hey denmonkey I haven't tried it off road yet. I literally put it on and drove out to work. I'll try it soon and let you know.
  16. Ben Sanderson

    Throttle controller - ebay cheapie review

    I have fitted an idrive to my amarok and I love it. It has no extra power but it definitely gets rid of the lag when I take off and it also changes gears in a more regular fashion. When towing, it responds heaps better as when I want to put my foot down to go it doesn't wait and think about if...
  17. Ben Sanderson


    Same, my brother-in-law uses it in all their farm vehicles and swears by it... So I use it.
  18. Ben Sanderson

    Power options for camping?

    I personally have a projecta powerhub and an engle. I think this combo is great because I can pull the engle and battery out of the car and leave it at the camp-site while I go off exploring. The powerhub can then power other stuff at camp. I started with a high end esky but I have much more...
  19. Ben Sanderson

    What's between Melbourne and Perth?

    4wd action issue 83 has a good article on coffin bay. Worth a read.
  20. Ben Sanderson

    New Amarok forsale

    Nice car, good luck with the sale.