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  1. landabuser

    80 series front locking hubs

    80 series front locking hubs are required if you can help txt me on 0403142452
  2. landabuser

    ct exhaust manifold

    hey all im looking for a exhaust manifold for a 2l diesel hilux maybe if someone is putting extractors on or something
  3. landabuser

    toyota landcruiser 1983

    mate my 60 has proven itself when i whet to senic rim domated the wombat holes and most of the tracks just love the weight of the truck and the low down torque
  4. landabuser


    welcome mate
  5. landabuser

    Anyone interested?? Cityview 4x4 Park

    im soo in for state forest up the sunny coast
  6. landabuser

    Ormeau Hills Track

    does anyone know if the tracks up the sunnycoast state forrest are legal to drive in
  7. landabuser

    just joined

    welcome hope to see your rig out on the tracks
  8. landabuser

    toyota landcruiser 1983

    yeah thanks man its a tough old beast
  9. landabuser

    New Member

    hey mate welcome to 4x4 earth
  10. landabuser

    Anyone interested?? Cityview 4x4 Park

    man would love to but my truck isnt ready but have a awesome day
  11. landabuser

    toyota landcruiser 1983

    toyota landcruiser, 1983 Good Points well its a old tough truck just love the low down torque Bad Points the cost of diesel to fill it up What mods have you done? have put 32's sunraisers front and rear diff locks and a uhf What mods are on the list to do? 12000lb...
  12. landabuser

    New Guy!

    hey mate is ormeau still open i thought the cops closed it
  13. landabuser

    2l diesel

    hey all i have recently put a 2l into a 4runner and i am having trouble finding a 3 bolt flange to bolt to the manifold anyone out there in brissie know where i can buy that secion of pipe from
  14. landabuser

    new member

    yeah mate what tracks you been to we are allways looking for more ppl to come out in our convoys when we go out
  15. landabuser

    Hey guys from QLD

    hi mate cant beat the old 4w4s
  16. landabuser

    60 series suspension

    yeah man what springs you running at the moment i saw a 60 series with extended shackles didnt look to bad but maybe upgrade to 35's and 2inch body lift
  17. landabuser

    hey everyone

    a guy told me about this site when i was up at senic rim 4x4 park