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  1. oldfart

    Your Best Photo of the Year

    Sunset on the last bit of tar Qld NT border
  2. oldfart

    Stolen or removed from owners posession

    How about a section where you can post up pics and stories of items that have been removed from your possession by low life's that take with out asking {steal} and fail to return the items . Getting annoyed by the number of fourbys campers ,trailers caravans camp gear being stolen by these...
  3. oldfart

    Survey ree posible bull bar ban!

    I wonder if the govt will pay for the repairs or hospital bills next time we clean up one of our native animals on our out back travels.............Think not ......Hands off our protection !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. oldfart

    June long weekend night trip into Bendeathra Valley

    Decided on Yadboro instead >no where as good and cold as the valley but its good to get away and sit around a roaring camp fire. Around the valley and camp at Dry Ck this Friday then up to the Bay ,Brooman and across to Monkey Gum and home via Oallan Crossing Hope everyone enjoyed the cold of...
  5. oldfart

    June long weekend night trip into Bendeathra Valley

    I have spoken to Narooma late today and they say that it is not a good idea. So if you don't have a trailer then off you go but they do not want us taking trailers in as they may cause more damage. Enjoy your long weekend cheers
  6. oldfart

    June long weekend night trip into Bendeathra Valley

    Its not looking good Due to storm damage some areas of this park will be CLOSED from Monday 31st May until further notice. As of 11th June: •Access from the west side of Bendethera is open to 4WD vehicles via Middle Mtn Rd, Minuma Ranger Fire Trail and Dampier Mtn Fire Trail. Access with...
  7. oldfart

    June long weekend night trip into Bendeathra Valley

    Update WED 9 June Parks will make a decision at approx 12:00 on Friday There is no access to the Valley. Creek / River levels remain to high to cross as advised by the Narooma office •Track to Bendethera from Moruya side (Little Sugarloaf Road, Bendethera Trail) is OPEN, but river...
  8. oldfart

    Too Low

    down that way on the Aus Day weekend .Some of the conservation mounds could cause a few problems as will the track if its had a bit of rain on it . some sections are a bit slippery and steep with the odd small tree /branch across the track. Really depends how far you want to go.
  9. oldfart

    Camerons Corner

    A couple of pics of what you can expect at the jump up's at sun set
  10. oldfart

    Camerons Corner

    Be weary of the rain gods out there !!! You will need 4wd if they decide to talk to you, and be aware they close roads very quickly so you can be hold up for a few days some where along the way. And yes the fines are fairly high if the roads are closed and your caught driving. Great country...
  11. oldfart

    New here

    Our ranks are building Go the Jeeps ! Welcome
  12. oldfart

    I'm new here

    Join a club , get some recovery gear Do a course then go out and enjoy what this country has to offer There is a lot of good advice and info here . Welcome & Enjoy the site and welcome to the real world. A world with out tar !!!!
  13. oldfart

    Fuel Consumption Rates

    In off road trim----muddies roof rack etc my xj TD gets between 9-11 l/100 ks around town and on the hwy. Does not vary a great deal. In the bush with camping gear on board between 11-14 depending on the terrain and with the camper up to 17 if the going is a bit on the hard side.Usally around...
  14. oldfart

    Show us your local tracks

    On the trip back from the west Jan 2009
  15. oldfart

    Show us your local tracks

    A few shots from around the country
  16. oldfart

    Bendeathra October Long week end.

    There is 11 cars at this stage from ACTATC heading down at various stages of the week /weekend We usally camp in the grave yard. The last time we were in there the road had some work done on it and was in fairly good nick. We went in with a camper , in the rain from the Snowball end and had...
  17. oldfart

    New Rules and Regulations in NSW

    Done and dusted
  18. oldfart

    removing stickers

    Go down to Jaycar and buy a can of label remover. About 10 bucks a can
  19. oldfart

    lift kits

    4x4 Off Road World 5 Spall St Carrara QLD 4211 ph: (07) 5530 3922
  20. oldfart

    Body & Suspension Lifts

    From what I hear, It appears that there is a few meetings going on around the place to discuss the matter further. I understand the 1st of july was the due date but it appears that none of the state transport authorities have implemented the regs at this time. We can only wait and see.