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  1. mansenator

    Wheel winch

    i would like to see it in action and was wondering how would it go in a deeply rutted mud hole :confused::confused:
  2. mansenator

    Hi all

    g'day toochie enjoy your 4wd .what you driving???
  3. mansenator

    Olden Newbie.

    g'day you lucky bugger getting to travel a lap of our land at your pace.
  4. mansenator

    Toyota 80 series Landcuiser 1993

    nice looking rig ..and some good videos there;)
  5. mansenator

    Toyota 80 series Landcruiser 1995

    good looking 80 and looks very capable of a few tough tracks
  6. mansenator

    FORD EXPLORER.....are they any good....

    my old foreman had one and he used to complain about the fuel economy on a weekly basis and how he had to order parts as many shops did not keep stock:rolleyes:
  7. mansenator


    can i ask you offrdn60 where you got them from and what sort of pattern do they have as im up for new tyres x5 aswell (i hope santa can fit them down the chimney)
  8. mansenator

    couldn't make it out

    what happened exactly
  9. mansenator

    Looking to buy used 4wd, Any suggestions??

    if you are keen on a lux get one with a solid axle front and you should enjoy it i have one and they are easy to repair and mod into a good allrounder or outright rock beast :D:D( the only thing i dont like is the rough ride :mad: as my past ride was a 80 series cruiser)
  10. mansenator

    GU or 100ser???

    if they want the comfort for cruzin go the 100 but if they want to get a bit wild on the tracks go the gu :D