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  1. Mud

    4x4 boggings, crashes, recoveries, rollovers and creek crossings gone wrong!

    Mate of mine Tony's JK Wrangeler and Camper trailer This is what happens when your automatic gearbox catches a lot of grass and leaf litter. Engine light came on, follwed by smoke, had enough time to grab wallet and phone and get out. Luckily enough no one was injured and it was covered by...
  2. Mud

    Rollover risk with Jeep Wrangler

    I think there is a big difference comparing a roll over due to tipping over on a track at slow speed and a rollover at speed on a beach. Tipping over on a track does not send bodies flying all over the place like rolling at speed would. Seat belts do not keep arms and legs inside the vehicle...
  3. Mud

    Cheap Roof basket

    WTB cheap roof basket any conditon, Brisbane area PM me
  4. Mud

    Middle Earth (NSW) Meetup 3,4,5 & 6 July 2009 The Location Is Set

    I migth be in for this trip will see how busy I am at work
  5. Mud

    Canoe / Kayak

    I'm chasing a canoe or ocean/sea Kayak. In good working order, dents scuffs and scrathes I'm not worried about, as long as it floats. Up to $100.00 Will pick up in south east QLD. Cheers M
  6. Mud

    patriot accessories

    Most other jeep stuuf wont fit. except for the Compass which is almost identical. I hear Wrangler rims fit ok with a lift. You can get a 2 1/2" lift and Rock Sliders from Jeep Patriot parts and accessories US Ebay has a lot of fake chrome if thats your thing and all the Genuine Jeep stuff...
  7. Mud

    4wdtv fizzer Teewah beach

    What a let down :( I'll bring our own in house camera man next time
  8. Mud

    Patriot needs a new vehicle! Advice wanted

    Lift the patriot!!!
  9. Mud

    Qld meetup Trip Report

    I only took mine off yesterday, it left a big sticky spot. just like when you stay over Jon!
  10. Mud

    LCMP Get Togethor 26-29 September 2008 For The Queenslanders

    Sorry, I think Jeep Jamboree is on that weekend :(
  11. Mud

    Windows Mobile

    I have a Sony Ericsson W760 with in built GPS, and I need some good software I can load on to it. Currently it only streams the maps it needs which costs me a fortune in data. Do you have any ideas?
  12. Mud

    Qld forum meetup

    Looks like we missed all the action. we (the 2 station wagons and the Rubi) had a good trip through Freshwater Track back through to rainbow. had a quick stop there and then back to Brissy before the traffic. Got home abou 5:15 and spent and hour and a half washin sand out from underneath...
  13. Mud

    Qld forum meetup

    I've just finished spit polishing the spark plugs. all ready to go. Jon, we're meeting at FZ HQ car park at 7:30 if your up that early. M
  14. Mud

    Qld forum meetup

    Jon, I have a spare handheld you can use mate.
  15. Mud

    Qld forum meetup

    Hey Goldy, is there an itinery or agenda for the day, so we can have a loose idea of what will be going on? M
  16. Mud

    Qld forum meetup

    +1 for the 'Riot
  17. Mud

    Qld forum meetup

    Goldrush, just heard from Zeebee that he cannot attend, feel free to pull him from the list please. Cheers M
  18. Mud


    I was thinking about a carputer, but only have single din in mey new Jeep :( I have ordered a new JVC KD-AVX33 instead! CD,DVD,VCD,DIVX,Mpeg,MP3,WAV,AAC,Bluetooth Audio, Bluetooth Phone and USB (to add external hard drive up to 50gig ) Only thing it doesn't have is Sat Nav, which I...
  19. Mud

    Qld forum meetup

    Hey Mav Teewah - 4x4 Earth Australia for 4WD Tracks
  20. Mud

    Parking >_<

    I want a ride in your line!! Have you joined ??