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  1. jackhammer

    Hj45 Body Swap

    put up some progress shots as you go love checking out different body mods and ideas we all come up with, i've done it and wouldn't chage it at all but its alot of bloody work!!!!:D
  2. jackhammer

    Hj45 Body Swap

    sounds like a fun project, I'm not sure about the old 40 series body but i have seen a bundra body used the back doors were closed up with a ute window fitted and rear wheel archs closed up to, not sure if the body mounts would have to be changed to much But it might be worth looking into...
  3. jackhammer

    ellis track AT NIGHT

    thinking of going up ellis track at night time, i was wondering if anyone has had a crack at doing a night mission on this track? i like night driving i find it more of a challange. if anyone has tryed it at night let me know!
  4. jackhammer

    Toyota Bundera 1985

    nice truck mate! the bar work looks good, helps alot in the tight stuff. Go the CRUISERS
  5. jackhammer

    Hello 4wders

    G'day mate
  6. jackhammer

    Wheel Offsets

    37mm billet wheel spacers done the trick for me, vary happy with'em and it throws heaps more mud too!
  7. jackhammer

    high mount winch stolen

    thats crap! i had a brand new 12,000lb winch pinched off my truck a while ago now. The biggest pissoff for me was that the truck was locked in a workshop! good luck!!!
  8. jackhammer

    hey! jimbob
  9. jackhammer

    This my be a big problem?

    just put'em on and give it heaps!
  10. jackhammer

    put a 2008 rollbar on my 86 hilux

    it looks tidy as!