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  1. Wawanderer

    1hdfte timing belt replacement question

    Thank for all the replies. As it turns out, having the No1 piston at BDC means none of the other piston are at TDC so there is no chance of any valves contacting a piston should the cam shaft move for any reason while undoing the cam pulley. Also the "square" section on the cam shaft for a...
  2. Wawanderer

    1hdfte timing belt replacement question

    Hi all, Can anyone please tell me why the manual says to rotate the engine so the BDC marks line up instead of using the TDC marks ? What is the reason for not using the TDC marks when changing the timing belt ? Cheers
  3. Wawanderer

    Travel Buddy Oven Trays

    Hey Rory, Like all the others I would like to be put on the list also for the marine travel buddy. 2 x small trays 1 x Large/deep tray Cheers, Steve You can email me at If that's more convenient. Thanks again