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    Loveday 4WD Adventure Park

    No different to most mud soup. I will say though that the grey river mud there left spot stains on my windows that I haven't been able to remove for a few years
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    Robe/Beachport Disappointment

    I agree, compulsory sand flags for places like that but I dont think it can be enforced on the crown land parts though, in the conservation/national parks sections yes. You will still get dheads out there, with a sand flag or not but at least if everyone is enforced to wear one it may instill...
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    Middleback Station – End of an era

    So we were lucky to see some of that country when we did Andy. Cheers, Dave Border Country 4wd Club
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    SA/VIC Border Track News

    Hi guys, I had a phone call this morning from the area manager of the Natural Resources Management Board to advise me that they will be conducting pest eradication work (mainly rabbits and their warrens) along the section of the Border Track from Emu Flat Road to the scrub just south of the...
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    Hopes Gully 4x4 near Gawler ?

    Are you for real? There's no way I'd go to a place like that if there were unregistered vehicles/bikes buzzing around and unlicensed or pissed drivers. If one of them hit me they would not be able to cover me through any insurance as for one, they wouldn't have any! Regardless of what insurance...
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    S.A Annual Meet

    Sorry but everyone will be bored after half a day at Bushies as thats how long it takes to do every track over the dunes and only a couple are a real challenge. You've got Ngarkat almost next door though its a nice drive through there. The one way section of the Border track is closed until April.
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    Day Trip to the York Pen.

    Some good tracks and sand on the west side of the foot and Gleesons Landing is a beautiful spot!
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    Tracks list for day trips! will update regularly!

    Bushys 4WD and Camping is 8571 1029 and is off Webbs Rd which runs toward Ngarkat off the Tinty-Geranium Rd and is $15 a night per car to camp. Darado Downs number is there in Chards post
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    Robe-JAnuary LWE

    Was going to give you guys and your rigs some compliments but then I saw your sig line :rolleyes:
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    Pat Callinans 4x4 show

    And 4WD Monthly isn't?!!!!:eek:
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    Grampians "soft options"?

    Only challenging track there thats open to the public is Launders according to a ranger there. I've heard and read that Burma Track is the hardcore one and even though it's been MVO for donkeys years the parks management dont even attempt it. Apparently you need at least 33's, good lift and...
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    What do youre kids get out of 4WDriving

    This is a great thread! Reading the posts just gives me more inspiration to squeeze as much time in with my family as I can. Although my teenage son lives in the outer suburbs of a city with the ex he loves exploring the outdoors and has since day one. He wants to be a park ranger or a career of...
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    Man dies in car rollover at Hallston

    "A regular gathering place for 4 wheel driving on private property" ? Is this an off road park?
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    Another Recovery Gone Wrong!!

    Yeah it wasn't the tow ball that broke, it was the tongue and the sleeve as well which broke away from the reciever that all went flying. Other reports say it narrowly missed the driver of the recovery vehicle before hitting the passenger in the back seat. Apparently it all kept going through...
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    Book with 4x4 trails in Adelaide

    Doesn't he own the store at Nailsworth or am I thinking of someone else?
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    SA Convoy to O'Tooles

    The one way section of the Border Track MIGHT be closed by the time you all leave (usually at the official start of the annual fire season but sometimes the ranger closes it early if it's considered too dry and warm) Doesn't matter though as you can still access the Border Track by going down...
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    Long Range Fuel Tank in Paj

    What brand did you get? I've fitted a few now and again and found the Long Ranger by Out Of Town Tanks to be a very good fit and retains all the factory fittings. Not a hard job to do at home but you do need to remove a few other parts first in most cases to make the job easier and a pit or...
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    4x4 Insurance

    Just about every insurance company covers your vehicle anywhere in Australia whether it's a car, truck, 4WD, bike etc. no matter where your driving it. About the only thing they dont cover you for is competing in timed events etc. but always check your policy fully. I've had two claims since...
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    Book with 4x4 trails in Adelaide

    I think thats the one being advertised in the Sunday Mail motoring section lately.
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    help really needed

    Count your losses and get rid of it. It sounds like a lemon and so do the Holden dealers. In fact nearly all the new model dual cabs of late (Navara, Bravo, BT50, Colorado, etc are all having major issues of one kind or another with the exception of a few that probably never get used as...