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  1. Justin_S

    Mt Terrible Hut Rebuilt

    Got up to Mt Terrible hut yesterday through a smattering of snow to find a hut with a small fire going in the pot belly and the hut warm and snug. When the clouds cleared the views over to Buller / Stirling and the bluff all covered in snow were magnificent. We were going to descend to Big River...
  2. Justin_S

    first tent

    Let us know how the tent goes. I need a new for the family for next summer.
  3. Justin_S

    Stock Navara D40 Tires?

    Hey Matt, I run M/T MTZ's 265/75/16 on a second set of steel rims for 4x4 ing on my D40 with standard suspension. I doubt you would get anything bigger under there without a lift. As for 15" rims you probably won't be able to get any that suit the stud pattern of the Navara... I could be wrong...
  4. Justin_S

    Butcher Country Track

    Hi Willowna, Did a trip down Dingo Hill (with MTZ's running at 30psi) and along Caledonia River track up to Howitt Rd and down Zeka last Queens Birthday. The MTZ's didn't suffer at all. The bottom of Caledonia was quite overgrown.
  5. Justin_S

    one for the vegetarians

    Thanks OGJON, my wife is a vegetarian so she'll be happy to give this a go.
  6. Justin_S

    Engel or Waeco...

    Both good fridges but I have a Waeco which is heaps quieter than my brothers Engel. Either way you won't go wrong.
  7. Justin_S

    Waeco CF-50 and RAPS 36

    Yeah, 12.8V.
  8. Justin_S

    Waeco CF-50 and RAPS 36

    Adventure Guy, I bought mine over a year ago for $1,215.00 which included the battery, an insulated cover, mounting kit (which I haven't used) and of course the CF-50. Yoot as far as charging goes, that is a hard question to answer as I don't tend to sit around the campsite during the day when...
  9. Justin_S

    Waeco CF-50 and RAPS 36

    In summer I charge mine every day. I run the fridge off the car and the charge the battery directly off the car as well as opposed to charge the battery and run the fridge off the battery at the same time. I used to do this but the battery wouldn't charge very well time wise. Obviously keeping...
  10. Justin_S

    New Tyres or Raise and New Tyres

    I have a standard Navara same as yours and I have just bought a spare set of tyres and rims. I got Mickey Thompson MTZ's 265/75/16, they fit OK and before I bought them I had spoken to plenty of tyre places and 4WD places and they all said 265/75/16 with standard suspension D40 Navara are OK. I...
  11. Justin_S


    Some Composition Tips. Your subject should not always be in the centre of the image Look up the "rule of thirds" Your subject should generally be the lightest point of your image.
  12. Justin_S


    sdollery Some good tips there. Know what you camera can do and what it does do. A photo that evokes emotion is always considered better than one that is technically good. Also looking at images in galleries, magazines or the internet is what helps you improve. When you have taken your...
  13. Justin_S


    I've attached a few landscape photos for you NickJ.
  14. Justin_S


    I love photography and I am studying a 4 year Adv Dip of Photography. I am almost 2 years through it. If anyone has specific questions I am happy to help out.
  15. Justin_S

    Waeco CF-50 and RAPS 36

    I got one for $1,215.00 and I'll be picking it up so no delivery fee.
  16. Justin_S

    Waeco CF-50 and RAPS 36

    If you buy it conjunction with the fridge, Waeco do a "pack" so it doesn't end up that much.
  17. Justin_S

    Waeco CF-50 and RAPS 36

    Hi, I am about to purchase a Waeco CF-50 and RAPS 36 battery pack. Obviously a dual battery set up would be a better way to go but the budget doesn't stretch that far at the moment. So I am setting up a power point in the tray so that I can charge my battery pack and run the fridge. Has...